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It can also discharge a blast of concentrated solar radiation.

The Gravity Rod is a small hand held device that can harness the power of the stars and convert it into energy that enables the wielder to defy the laws of gravity.


It can also discharge a blast of concentrated solar radiation.

The Gravity Rod was first designed in the 1940s by scientist Ted Knight, who used it as a weapon during the years he spent as the first Starman. The rod was briefly passed down to his first son David, but his career was cut short after he was brutally murdered by agents of the Mist.



  • The staff would be recharged periodically in a night with stars to work.


  • A prototype version of the Gravity Rod, commonly referred to as the Cosmic Rod was given to Ted's youngest son Jack. Jack used the rod throughout his career as Starman until the day that he retired to raise a family. He passed the Cosmic Rod along to Courtney Whitmore who, in honor of those who came before her, changed her code name to Stargirl.
  • One of Ted Knight's students, Justin Ballantine, broke into his office at Opal University and managed to find and photcopy all of his notes and blueprints for the Gravity Rod. He then refined those designs over a number of years and ultimate developed the Energy Transmortifier, a device designed to absorb half of all the energy in the galaxy and transfer it to Ballantine. The infusion of energy turned out to be too much, however, and Ballantine's being dissipated and drifted through the universe, finally congealing somewhere on Apokolips. He became Libra, an apostle of Darkseid.
  • When Ted gave the Gravity Rod to Sylvester Pemberton, Sylvester would use the principles behind it to create the Cosmic Converter Belt.

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