Graxosians are an elf-like humanoid species with golden skin and pointed ears.


Graxosians from the Graxos star system in Space Sector 2815. They inhabit three planets Graxos III, Graxos IV and Graxos V.

The people of Graxos IV and Graxos V are a technologically advanced, civilized cultures, while the people of Graxos III have reverted to wild savages that live in the jungle.

The Graxosian Arisia Rrab serves as the Green Lantern for her home sector. A long line of the Rrab Family, have served in the Green Lantern Corps. Santara and Marata both served until their deaths, which lead to Fentara, joining. After his death Blish Rrab became the Green Lantern. However he was eventually killed and Arisia Rrab took up the mantle.

Karu-Sil of Graxos III was recruited into Sinestro Corps . After her parents were murdered, Karu-Sil is taken in by a pack of wild beasts and to fit in she deliberately scars her own face. Blish Rrab witnessed her with the creatures and believed she is in danger, kills the beasts and rescues her. Karu-Sil now swears vengeance on the Rrab family.

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  • Regeneration: Graxosians have the ability to recover from great injury that would otherwise kill a human being. They enter a death-like state while their body repairs itself.


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