Quote1.png Soon you will come to know how much I despise you Batman. I suppose I always have. It's difficult to embrace frauds who climb a pedestal of morality, proclaiming themselves superior to the rest of us. Especially when you employ deceit by wearing a mask. Where is the honesty in that? It allows you to move on from the wreckage you leave in your wake. The tragedies you never have to account for. Until now. Quote2.png
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The second Payback was Gray Stanton, the father of the original.

Gray Stanton was a workaholic psychiatrist who would often neglect his son, Kenny Stanton. Kenny became the criminal, Payback, and assaulted various people who were the source of the patient's problems. After Kenny was caught by Batman and sent to Juvenile Hall, Stanton disowned his son out of shame. Abandoned by his father and abused by his fellow inmates, Kenny committed suicide. Devastated by the death of his son, yet refusing to acknowledge partial responsibility, Stanton instead chose to blame Batman and swore revenge, becoming the new Payback.




  • Plasma Whip



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