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"Cross My Heart And Hope To Die": Mister Minos is a double agent. He joined Spyral with the sole purpose of outing its secrets to the media. Even as he does so, another Minos asks Helena Bertinelli to borrow her crossbow,

Quote1 God is just another man with a secret. Quote2
Mister Minos

Grayson #8 is an issue of the series Grayson (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2015. It was published on March 4, 2015.

Synopsis for "Cross My Heart And Hope To Die"

Mister Minos is a double agent. He joined Spyral with the sole purpose of outing its secrets to the media. Even as he does so, another Minos asks Helena Bertinelli to borrow her crossbow, and despite her loyalty, shoots her in the chest with it.

At their gym class, the girls of St. Hadrians are entranced by their instructor, Dick Grayson's physique when Dr. Netz bursts into the gymnasium calling for help, and carrying Helena's limp body in her arms. Dr. Ashemore eventually catches up as Helena explains that she had to play dead after she was shot, having routinely kept the sights on the crossbow misaligned while holstered for safety. She refuses to tell Dick who shot her until she pulls the bolt from her chest. After tearing it out, she explains that all the agents are on missions except Dick and Agent 1 - and she suspects that both of them will be targets, and Agent 1 will be first. She reveals that it is Minos who shot her, just as she loses consciousness. Dick swears to go after Minos, but Dr. Netz warns that he will be ready for him. Ignoring her, Dick responds that he doesn't care. Despite having been ordered to go to a shelter, Dick's greatest admirers decide instead to go to the chapel and help him stop Minos.

At the Chapel, Agent 1's reflexes are quick, and he knocks the gun from Mister Minos' hand before he can do anything, beating his head into the floor. Angrily, Agent 1 warns him to explain himself or get his genitals shot off. Mister Minos responds that he has a secret. He draws Agent 1's attention to the super-human Paragon standing behind him, who will surely offer him a less dignified death. Paragon has been assembled from the Paragon organs, imbuing it with the combined powers of the Justice League.

Fortunately, Dick arrives in time to knock Agent 1 out of Paragon's line of sight, and explains that he has experience with the Justice League, and knows the weaknesses that will allow them to defeat Paragon. He is thankful, at least, that they never retrieved the Paragon's heart, which would give it the strength of Wonder Woman - which gives him an idea. He asks for Agent 1's gun, but unfortunately, the Paragon stands between it and them. Suddenly, the girls arrive, and load the Paragon with crossbow bolts, distracting it, and allowing Dick the opportunity to grab the gun and fire straight into the Paragon's chest - despite his having lied that he was a bad shot.

Mister Minos applauds his efforts, but reminds that he still knows Spyral's secrets, and he swears to leak them if he is not killed. In response, Helena - having realigned the sights on her crossbow - shoots a bolt right into his heart. However, the real Minos has already leaked Spyral's secrets. The version of him that was just killed at St. Hadrians was merely a light composite pretending to be him. While Spyral will think he's dead, and he'll escape to Ireland, having struck a deal with Claire in exchange for information on Dick Grayson. His media contact, though, has doubts. She wonders how he can know that he wasn't manipulated into being a double agent by Spyral. What if Spyral had wanted him to play their face, in order to attract Dick Grayson. And with Grayson on board now, maybe Spyral doesn't need Minos anymore. He realizes, suddenly, that she is no reporter. She is the rumoured Agent 0 - the spider in the web - whom he had thought was just a rumour. Knowing he won't escape her, he begs her to let him at least tell her the secret of his real identity. Before he can say his name, she shoots him dead with a dart hidden within her lipstick, and comments that she doesn't care.

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