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Grayven was the third son of Darkseid, born of an unknown mother on one of the countless worlds conquered by Darkseid, younger brother to Kalibak and Orion.

Due to a lack of recognition of his parentage by Darkseid despite sharing a portion of his power and fueled by feelings of abandonment and resentment, Grayven led a campaign of destruction against the cosmos, decimating planets in an attempt to garner enough power to take his birthright by force and conquer Apokolips. In the process, he effectively eliminated the Darkstars, a galactic police force. His campaign came to an end on the planet Rann. He desired the Zeta-Beam, a product of Rannian science that provides instantaneous transportation on a grand scale. He intended to zeta-beam his forces onto Apokolips, announce his presence to his father, and conquer the planet.

While the remaining Darkstars engaged Gravyen's army, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner faced off against the man himself. Assisted by Darkstar John Stewart, who suffered serious injuries in the fight, Kyle tricked Grayven into the Zeta-Beam, where he was teleported off Rann. Lacking their leader, Grayven's forces retreated.

The few Darkstars that remained alive after the battle ended up powerless and were eventually all killed in a fight against Starbreaker, officially ending the organization.

Unknown to Stewart, he had inadvertently teleported Grayven deep within Earth's core. He eventually dug himself out, and sought Kyle Rayner in New York City. This time, Rayner seemed to have the advantage. Fearing defeat at the Green Lantern's hands, Grayven used an experimental teleporter, freeing himself, and in the process, sending Rayner into the 30th century.


Grayven next appeared during the Imperiex crisis. He was part of an alien alliance, which also included Maxima, Starfire, Adam Strange, and Darkseid. They sought to eliminate Imperiex, a cosmic giant who destroys whole solar systems. Later Grayven was under the influence of Brainiac-13, a major force in the Imperiex War. He confronted Superman and Darkseid on the surface of Apokolips. He was defeated by Superman, then punished by Darkseid, who felt it was his duty to do so because Grayven has "shamed himself." Soon, Grayven was banished to Earth.

Last Laugh and Ion

During his banishment to Earth, Grayven was infected with Joker toxin variant, which causes insanity. He attempted to perform at, and then destroy, a comedy club. Kyle Rayner again stopped him. There he was revealed to have sent Nero and Effigy after Kyle Rayner. Grayven also was implied to be part of some larger conspiracy, most likely that of the Sinestro Corps due to his hunting of escaped Qwardians and knowledge of Kyle's sick mother. Out of anger, Rayner forcefully blasts Grayven into unconsciousness.

Death of the New Gods

Grayven was lobotomized and nearly catatonic, but Thunder and the Martian Manhunter restored his mind and assisted him in building a Zeta-Beam generator meant to send the unknown scourge of the New Gods to Darkseid's throne room. This would force Darkseid and the killer to fight and benefit Grayven either way. Thunder and J'onn tricked Grayven, however; J'onn shapeshifts into the Black Racer, the New Gods' incarnation of Death, which prompts Grayven to use the zeta beam on himself to escape. The real killer finds him moments later at his destination and murders him.




  • Grayven's second in command is Sinthia.
  • Grayven had ultra-dense grey skin giving him a rock-like appearance. This character trait is similar to that of his father Darkseid.



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