Caesar was a humanoid tiger-man and one of the many genetically evolved experiments conducted by Project Moreau in the 1940s.

He resided on an uncharted island called the Wild Lands and was the Emperor of the Roam Empire. His son was the royal heir Prince Tuftan. A veteran of the so-called "Beast Wars", Great Caesar was a rival of the evil bat-woman known as Nosferata who highly coveted the throne of Roam. Nosferata had alliances with the gorilla soldiers of the southeast and also had her own agent, Ratsputin, posing as Caesar's official court seer.

Several years ago, Nosferata arranged for the gorilla soldiers to assasinate Great Caesar, but their efforts were foiled by the teen-hero Superboy, who had arrived on the island under mysterious circumstances and was bereft of his powers and memory.

When Superboy's powers and memories began to return to him, the citizens of Roam believed him to be the "Mighty One" - a human of prophecy written of in the Articles of Faith. Under Caesar's instruction, Superboy was forced to endure a battery of tests to prove whether or not he was in fact this legendary Mighty One (in truth, the being that the prophecy spoke of was in fact Superman, not Superboy). Convinced that Superboy was a human of great value, Caesar freed him from the bonds of slavery.

Shortly thereafter, Nosferata made her move. She had Ratsputin murder Caesar by stabbing him in the heart with a dagger. It was her intent to manipulate Caesar's son, Tuftan, into marrying her, thereby making her Empress of the Wild Lands. Nosferata's scheme proved successfull, and when Tuftan was crowned Emperor, he was forced to accept Nosferata as his bride.





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