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The Great Deluge (sometimes referred to as the Great Flood) was a geological catastrophe that occurred some millenia ago and led to the sinking of Atlantis.



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Eclipso was responsible for the Flood, the only survivor of which was Noah and his ark.

The Annunake cause

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9,600 years ago, a giant skull-shaped meteor from outer space crashed into the Earth somewhere near the North Sea. The impact was so tremendous that it caused worldwide geological upheaval. Tectonic plates shifted, yielding massive flooding so intense that it caused the entire continent of Atlantis to sink beneath the waves. Though nearly all of Atlantean culture had been wiped away forever, those of the capital city of Poseidonis managed to survive due to the erection of a giant dome that shielded the entire city. It was believed by some, that the destruction of Atlantis was the result of Suula - Goddess of the Sky -- who took offense to the creation of the dome that cut Poseidonis off from the skies above. These Atlanteans managed to eke out a life for themselves, though they could never again leave the safety of their city.

Some Atlanteans however, found an alternative in the priest-mage known as Shalako. Shalako used his magic to protect his followers from the crushing pressure of the ocean depths, and they migrated from Poseidonis and re-established a colony in the ruins of the sister-city Tritonis.[1]

A few short years after the calamity, Atlantis' monarch, King Orin, had his scientists develop a means so that his people could survive underwater, without having to stay within the city. The experiment was a success and the serum transformed the Atlanteans from normal human beings into aquatic amphibians who could survive the ocean depths and draw oxygen from water to breathe.[2]



  • The Great Deluge has been likened to the Great Flood as described in various ancient texts, including the Torah and the Bible. Whether the two incidents are intended to reflect the same event is subject to interpretation.
  • In Pre-Crisis continuity, the sinking of Atlantis was said to have taken place more than 40,000 years ago.

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