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The Fairy Witch was once the leader of the 13th Floor Witches, and was always seen knitting with her needle and yarn.

She assumed this position after stepping up and taking charge of the massive spells of privacy and non-detection that went into the creation of Fabletown, as well as magically linking large spaces such as the Business Office and Bluebeard's castle through the use of doorframes. Sometime in the 20th Century, fellow witch Frau Totenkinder made a small comment to her about retiring. Ever since then, the Fairy Witch seemed to have lost her mind, and was no longer fit to lead. Her position was taken by Totenkinder, who also took her knitting equipment.

Now, the Fairy Witch is barely even a shadow of her former self, speaking mostly nonsense, sitting away from the other witches and warlocks of the 13th floor. Her hands still make the motions of knitting, even though she no longer holds any needle. The Fairy Witch's lack of memory was a detriment to her colleagues when Mister Dark Unravelled all of her enchantments upon Fabletown and the Business Office was lost, along with majority of the magical artefacts they had accumulated over the centuries.


  • Immortality: As a fable, the Fairy Witch is effectively immortal with a lifespan going back several hundred years.
  • Magic: In her prime, the Fairy Witch knew many spells and enchantments. She was revered by Ozma for her great magical power, especially in regards to the creation of Fabletown, and even though her dementia often caused trouble for her memory, the Fairy Witch was able to help the 13th Floor Witches piece together a glass Bigby Wolf and prevent the mundies from snooping around during the Battle for Fabletown against the Adversary.

The Great Fairy Witch is the Good Witch from the Thumbelina tale, who provided the magical seed of barleycorn from which Thumbelina was born.