The Great Ten is a team of Chinese superheroes, who are sponsored by the government of the People's Republic of China. For every action the Great Ten takes during combat it must be approved by the bureaucracy.


Following the Infinite Crisis, China entered into a Coalition with Kahndaq, Iran, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan, leading the Great Ten to join forces with Black Adam on the battlefield. However, China's membership with Black Adam's Coalition fell apart as it was soon discovered that the Chinese government was partly responsible for funding the Science Squad that led indirectly to the death of Black Adam's wife Isis and leading to the events of World War III. The Great Ten battled Black Adam when he invades China as part of his vendetta. This also involves confrontations with several American based superheroes, as the Chinese government was willing to go so far as to launch nuclear missiles if their territory was violated. This portion of the stand-off was ended when the Great Ten lost contact with Beijing, leaving August General in Iron with the authority to allow international help - against his own wishes.

The Great Ten would later came into conflict with Checkmate. The first time was when a Checkmate ground team were sent on a infiltration mission in China that was discovered and cornered by the Immortal Man in Darkness.[1] After a brief skirmish, both sides declare a truce. Later, after Yao Fei prevents Count Vertigo (acting under secret orders from Amanda Waller) from stealing Chinese state secrets, the August General decided that Checkmate has betrayed the truce and orders their deaths. Only the timely intervention of Green Lantern Alan Scott and the Chinese Ambassador saves the lives of the ground team. However, the Great Ten again clashed with Checkmate and the Outsiders, who were on an infiltration mission to Oolong Island.


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  • The Great Ten are presumably influenced by the Ten Brothers an unattributed 14th century Chinese myth, and the Superiormen of Fengshen Yanyi (The Investiture of the Gods) created by 16th century author Xu Zhonglin.


  • Unlike conventional superhero monikers, the members of the Great Ten's names are close to literal translations from the Chinese language.

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