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Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance were still settling on their new home in Seattle when they notice that there is some serial killer on the loose, who the people have called "The Seattle Slasher". Trying to move on with their lives, Oliv

Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters is a graphic novel mini-series featuring Green Arrow. It marked the beginning of Mike Grell's work with the character. The series were successful enough and Grell was soon assigned as the writer of the first ongoing Green Arrow series, which lasted for almost eleven years.


Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance were still settling on their new home in Seattle when they notice that there is some serial killer on the loose, who the people have called "The Seattle Slasher". Trying to move on with their lives, Oliver talked to Dinah about his concerns about getting old and not being able to return to the streets as the Green Arrow. After this, Oliver brought up the possibility of marriage and children, but Dinah refused the possibility, replying that she was not willing to endanger their kids, despite her deep love for Oliver.

Later, Dinah gave Oliver an early birthday present before leaving to investigate a drug dealing case. When Oliver opened his present, he found a new Green Arrow costume, which he decided to use to investigate the mysterious serial killer. After saving a couple from being mugged and interrogating the muggers, Green Arrow followed his only clue to find the killer underneath the city. Unfortunately, the killer took advantage of the situation and managed to stall Green Arrow for a few minutes, which was time enough for him to reach the streets and find another victim. When Green Arrow managed to reach the surface, he shot an arrow through the killer's chest and saved the victim, but just as that happened, a mysterious archer shot a man inside a car and killed him. Green Arrow was close enough that he decided to check the murder arrow while the victim of the slasher was unfortunately murdered by a pimp.

The police started investigating the case of the "Robin Hood killer", as they have called it and Green Arrow speaks directly with James Cameron, telling him about the clues he found on the arrow and the fact that the slasher has been dealt with. Cameron didn't want Green Arrow meddling with police investigation and Oliver decided to start investigating on his own. That night, Oliver went home to find out that Dinah has started working undercover on a drug dealing case and that she wouldn't be at home for a while. That night, Oliver spent his birthday all alone. The next day, Oliver found Dinah, but he decided not to intervene with her mission and instead, he focused on finding the Robin Hood killer. Going to the latest crime scene as Green Arrow, he investigates the place and comes across with the killer, who is a mysterious ninja lady armed with bow and arrows. Both of them aim their arrows against each other, but Green Arrow was easily defeated by her, who managed to break Green Arrow's bow and murder her next victim, all with just two shots. When Green Arrow tried to fight her on hand-to-hand combat, he was once again defeated.

Oliver returned home that night and once again he was alone. He was relaxing after his previous defeat, but when he heard the news about a drug lord who was murdered, he realized that the man was the criminal Dinah was supposed to be investigating. Oliver goes to the last place he saw Dinah to get some answers from the underworld. After a bartender told him the information he needed, Oliver changed into Green Arrow and headed towards a heavily guarded warehouse, where a large drug cartel had kidnapped Dinah and were torturing her. When Green Arrow located Dinah, he witnessed her being tortured and he decided to kill the man torturing her. Then, Green Arrow jumped inside the warehouse and took down an armed thug, before he started releasing Dinah. At that moment, another armed crook entered the room, but he was suddenly killed by an arrow directly on his face and Green Arrow realized that the person who helped him was the mysterious assassin who defeated him earlier. Without any words or explanation, Green Arrow took Dinah in his arms and carried her outside as the mysterious assassin blew up the entire warehouse.

After Green Arrow has taken Dinah to a hospital, he is questioned by officer Cameron, but he can't explain him who Dinah actually is and how they were both saved by the mysterious woman archer. Later, Oliver investigated the whereabouts of the mysterious lady and he was told to find her in Mt. Rainier. Upon arriving, Green Arrow is confronted by the woman, who tells him that he should let her have her revenge against the man that hurt her in the past, just like she allowed him to murder the man who would hurt Dinah. Both archers were ready to strike one another, when a helicopter arrived and they had to scatter. From the helicopter came the drug lords who Dinah was investigating. The assassin has marked their leader, but the man has prepared snipers in the area. As she aims to murder him, Green Arrow aims towards her and shoots and arrow that passes inches away from her body and hits the sniper that was about to shoot her. However, because of the distraction, her arrow misses and the drug lord manages to get away, while Green Arrow tries to capture the remaining members of the gang, but only manages to get away with a bag full of money.

In the aftermath of the events, Green Arrow confronted the druglord and tried to get a confession out of him. When his efforts failed, he allowed the assassin to murder the man as part of her own vendetta. Finally, Oliver joins Dinah at the hospital and informs her that he had completed her mission.



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