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"Here There be Dragons, Part Four": In Hawaii, Shado and Oliver Queen hold a burial ceremony for Shado's friend Emilio Alvaro. Despite the fact that she is a marked woman, Oliver opts to stay with Shado

Quote1.png The way I see it, we can do one of two things: run for it... in which case they can overtake us in a power boat and machine gun us from a safe distance... or stand and fight! Quote2.png
Oliver Queen

Green Arrow (Volume 2) #12 is an issue of the series Green Arrow (Volume 2) with a cover date of January, 1989.

Synopsis for "Here There be Dragons, Part Four"

In Hawaii, Shado and Oliver Queen hold a burial ceremony for Shado's friend Emilio Alvaro. Despite the fact that she is a marked woman, Oliver opts to stay with Shado for a time, rather than finishing his mission to turn her over to the CIA along with a treasure map she has supposedly stolen from the Yakuza.
Oliver and Shado go to Honolulu for supplies, hoping to hide in plain sight, but they are already being watched from afar. Oliver shops for ingredients for his famous chili, and finds Shado has gone missing. She soon reappears, stating that they have to leave the city because they have been found. Her absence was due to her having killed one of their pursuers.
Rather than get picked while attempting to escape in their boat, Oliver and Shado decide to stay and fight. They hide inside a warehouse, and when the Yakuza agents attempt to ambush them, they find themselves instead ambushed by the two archers. During the fight, Oliver loses his bow, and is suddenly under attack by an agent who is apparently tracking him. Using his arrows as melee weapons, Oliver attacks the agent, killing him. Shado appears with his lost bow, and the pair finish off the remaining agents. Afterward, they discover that a tracking device has been placed on Oliver's Quiver, which gave their location away. When Oliver approaches one of the surviving Yakuza agents, the agent reveals that he has just pulled the pin on a grenade, and the entire warehouse explodes.
Later, Oliver calls home to Dinah Lance to explain recent events. After hanging up, he turns around to see Greg Osborne, the CIA agent who gave him the mission, accompanied by some Yakuza thugs. Oliver states that Shado was killed in the blast, but hands over the map.
Oliver reveals that Mr. Alvaro was the real map, and that Shado had created this one based on his stories after saving him from the Yakuza. He further reveals that he knows Osborne isn't working in cooperation with the CIA on this mission, but has gone rogue and allied with the Yakuza and some shady political partners to split the treasure the map leads to.
When Osborne orders his men to kill Oliver, an arrow pierces through the chest of one of his men. Shado is alive, and soon, the FBI arrives and arrests Osborne for conspiracy to overthrow the government of the Philippines. When Osborne reminds Oliver that he will not be in prison for long, Oliver reveals that he has engineered a situation that would put the Yakuza on Osborne's trail, with the help of the FBI and the tracking device he had recovered.
Later, Shado and Oliver part ways, acknowledging their feelings for each other, but also that those feelings cannot be acted on.

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