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"Killing Camp Part Three": Corporal haggart discovers Sergeant Thomas bound and gagged in their superior's office after Oliver Queen and Eddie Fyers kidnapped Colonel Edward Laker (aka Gerhardt Lachner, an East German expatriate). They an

Quote1.png You know, Fyers, You've got a twisted sense of humor-- I'm starting to like you. And that scares the hell out of me. Quote2.png

Green Arrow (Volume 2) #78 is an issue of the series Green Arrow (Volume 2) with a cover date of September, 1993.

Synopsis for "Killing Camp Part Three"

Corporal haggart discovers Sergeant Thomas bound and gagged in their superior's office after Oliver Queen and Eddie Fyers kidnapped Colonel Edward Laker (aka Gerhardt Lachner, an East German expatriate). They and the other soldiers at the camp have too much at stake to have Lachner reveal anything about them, so they get on their snowmobiles hoping to hunt him down and kill him.
Oliver and Eddie set a trap for the pursuers that they are already expecting, and then do their best to cover their tracks in the snow as they continue. They explain to Lachner that they are the only two people with an interest in keeping Lachner alive by turning him over to the German authorities for war crimes rather than letting his followers kill him or anybody else. Even though they profess to be only in it for the money, they refuse a bribe.
As the trio's pursuers chase after them, they encounter the trap that was set for them, and one of them ends up skewered by a sharpened log. Further up the path, Fyers sets another trap. Not long after, the trio encounters a ravine, and they are forced to cross it on a downed tree trunk. After getting across safely, Oliver rigs the log with another trap, and they change course for the north.
The soldiers on their trail run into the second trap - razor wire strung between some trees - which decapitates one, and slices many of them in half. When the remaining soldiers attempt to cross the log, it collapses underneath them, and they fall to their deaths, leaving only Corporal Haggart and Sergeant Thomas to cross the ravine by using the momentum from their snowmobiles to project themselves across on skis.
That night, Oliver, Fyers, and Lachner sleep in the cover of a snow-covered pine tree, managing to be missed by the Sergeant and the Corporal as they ski by in the night. In the morning, they reach a river just four miles from the Canadian border. They don't dare to step on the ice, because they know that it will likely not be stable given the snowfall working as an insulator. Also, Oliver anticipates that an outcropping of rock ahead of them would be a likely hiding spot for attackers.
Fyers and Lachner begin crossing the river slowly on foot, while their pursuers wait with guns at the ready on the outcropping above. Suddenly, one of Oliver's arrows lodges itself into a nearby tree, and they realize too late that there is a live grenade attached to it. Both are killed in the explosion, and Oliver just manages to avoid the blast.
Meanwhile, Lachner attempts escape, kicking Fyers in the head. However, the ice beneath him cracks, and he falls into the freezing water. Without much thought, Oliver leaps in after him, leaving Eddie alone on the ice. Moments later, Oliver breaks back out of the ice with Lachner in his arms, swearing that the criminal will hang in Germany rather than freeze in Idaho. Fyers returns with the snowsuits of Thomas and Haggart for Lachner and Ollie to wear.
As they approach the Canadian border, a US helicopter approaches and demands Lachner. At Ollie's questioning, Fyers admits that he's actually working for the Mossad, and that the CIA was using Lachner's camp as a means of tracking persons of interest. Of course, the CIA doesn't want Lachner to get out of the country, because he will implicate the CIA in the bombing on the Rose Bowl recently. They are left with no choice but to return Lachner to the CIA so that he can resume his headship of the training facility. Meanwhile, Oliver and Eddie will head to Vancouver.
As Lachner returns to duty at the camp in Idaho, he is suddenly killed by an arrow through the chest.

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  • Gerhardt Lachner (Dies)
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