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"Kingdom, Chapter Five": Oliver Queen can't get a hold of his girlfriend and COO of the Queen Foundation Zehra Darvish, which is bad news, since John King is attempting to sabotage the foundation. Some

Quote1.png King's got his army, right? So we called in a few friends... now the Green Arrow has an army, too. Quote2.png
John Diggle

Green Arrow (Volume 5) #39 is an issue of the series Green Arrow (Volume 5) with a cover date of April, 2015. It was published on February 4, 2015.

Synopsis for "Kingdom, Chapter Five"

Oliver Queen can't get a hold of his girlfriend and COO of the Queen Foundation Zehra Darvish, which is bad news, since John King is attempting to sabotage the foundation. Somehow, someone has transferred the foundation's entire endowment to King's "Kingdom" housing project. Unfortunately, Felicity Smoak reveals that the person responsible for that is Zehra. What's worse, upon entering the Queen Foundation building, Felicity is arrested for hacking government servers.

When Oliver confronts Zehra in her office, she claims he wouldn't understand and forces him into a call with John King, who readily admits to ensuring that Felicity was arrested for her crimes. He explains that four years ago, he'd been saved from a mugging by the Green Arrow, but when he saw how Oliver had gone out of his way to spare the mugger's life, King decided that Seattle needed a better protector than a coward, and made moves to take control of the city. After hanging up, Oliver demands to know how Zehra could do this to him. She responds that King is only sparing Oliver's life because of her. She has backed winners for her entire life, and it's got her to the top - and there is no reason to stop doing that now. She insists that Oliver can't win against King. Annoyed, Oliver states that their relationship is over.

As Felicity is processed for her imprisonment, she notices the use of advanced technology in the security systems, and realizes that she is not going to any mere prison. She's in a Supermax facility, and her cellmate is none other than Cheetah - a woman with whom she has a history.

"I'm saying we get our priorities straight in order to get King off the big-ass throne he's turned Seattle into, before he takes a $%!& on it."

That night, Oliver visits his parents' graves with John Diggle. Oliver worries about Felicity's safety in the Supermax facility, and John reminds that she is guilty of every crime on her rap sheet. Their priority should be in removing King from power, not Felicity. Oliver, though, is not moved by Diggle's argument and prepares himself to break into the world's most impermeable prison.

Felicity's poor relationship with the Cheetah is due to the fact that she dumped the soft-target home addresses of several metahumans, thereby exposing the loved ones of several metahumans on both sides of the law. Felicity insists that it had just been a job to her. Cheetah is not dissuaded from her anger and promises that as soon as the light's go out, she will demonstrate the myriad ways in which she can be unforgiving.

With the help of Steve Trevor, Oliver gets past security at the Supermax facility, which is disguised from the public as a meat processing plant. Once inside, Steve warns that Oliver will only have three minutes to get in and out before the surveillance system finishes rebooting. If he's caught, Steve promises to deny any involvement and warns Oliver to be sure Felicity is worth this.

As Cheetah prepares to tear out Felicity's throat, Oliver fights his way to her cell, arriving just in time to rescue her. Felicity is completely surprised that anyone would bother to rescue her, and is moved to kiss Oliver on the cheek before he drags her through the halls with only seconds left before they'd be caught on camera. Fortunately, they make it out just in time.

King drags his daughter Mia to a building site for one of his projects, explaining that street kids like her will appreciate it once it's built. She warns that whatever he promises, she doesn't trust him. He tried to ensure the deaths of a whole hospital's worth of sick people. He responds that the deaths of the weak will help to ensure that those who remain are stronger. Mia reminds that she is sick, too. Should she die, too?

With Felicity back under his protection, Oliver is lead by Diggle to an alley. John explains that despite the appearance that Ollie has no allies left in Seattle, he is wrong. King may have an army, but John called in a few friends - and now they have an army too.

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