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"Kingdom, Chapter 6": Green Arrow and his allies are charging on John King's building in Seattle, though access is impeded by his security. With the help of Naomi Singh, they get in through the front doo

Quote1.png You and me have the same Crusade, Queen. Except you don't see the big picture. Everyone has a price. Quote2.png
John King

Green Arrow (Volume 5) #40 is an issue of the series Green Arrow (Volume 5) with a cover date of May, 2015. It was published on March 4, 2015.

Synopsis for "Kingdom, Chapter 6"

Green Arrow and his allies are charging on John King's building in Seattle, though access is impeded by his security. With the help of Naomi Singh, they get in through the front doors. Oliver makes his way to the security control room where he demands access to King's office suite. Frightened, one of the guards explains that the elevators are on lockdown, and he can't do anything about it. King's office is seventy floors up. Oliver is unmoved, guiding Felicity Smoak into an empty elevator shaft and using a grapple to pull them both up.

Batman, meanwhile, visits the District Attorney to warn him that when evidence comes of John King's crimes, he will press charges.

Once on the 70th floor, Oliver and Felicity look for King's office, but accidentally trip an explosive booby-trap that would nearly send them out the windows and fall to their deaths, if not for Oliver's grapple. Recovering, they discover the office, and Felicity begins downloading the incriminating information for sending to Batman. Before she can complete the download, though, Zehra Darvish barges in, warning them to delete the files or King will kill Mia Dearden - his own daughter. Via phone, King orders Oliver to bring Felicity's hard drive to the build site for his housing project within twenty minutes.

After hanging up for him, Zehra warns Oliver to get moving. Grumpily, Oliver responds that it should be obvious that their relationship is over. Zehra suggests that she mightn't have sided with King if he'd told her the truth about his identity, and in response, Felicity leaps up and punches her in the face with a left hook.

Oliver hurries to the build site, where he finds Mia tied to some scaffolding in the rain. Weakly, she warns him to look behind him as King comes up behind him, brandishing a sword. Ollie barely dodges the blade, trying to get far enough back to lose an explosive flashbang arrow at his opponent, who drops to his knees. From the ground, King explains that he and Oliver have the same crusade - but Oliver doesn't see the big picture. Everyone has a price. To prove this, he gestures toward Mia, who has risen to her feet, and taken King's gun. She shoots Ollie in the back. Despite following her father's orders, she then turns the gun on him. She is worried, though, when she learns that there are no more bullets. King had anticipated this - and now he knows he can't trust her at all. Hardening, Mia responds that there is something he misjudged in all of this: Green Arrow wears kevlar. With that, Oliver rises from the ground and looses an arrow into King's shoulder, and then pins him to the ground with two more.

Before long, the news is reporting of how evidence had come to light, demonstrating King's corruption and murder. Fortunately, many of the men who had been under his thumb have abandoned their posts, freeing Seattle of some of its corruption - but leaving it rather unbalanced. In the meantime, Oliver has offered Mia a place to stay, and she has accepted. Felicity has received an invitation from Steve Trevor to join A.R.G.U.S., but Oliver wonders if she might like to stay and work with him and Diggle. Before she can answer, she spots two thugs who got away from them on a surveillance feed, and becomes involved in tracking them - which Ollie takes as a "yes". She admits that her stay will be contingent upon her getting a costume.

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