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"Gotham Resistance, Finale": Gotham City. The Wonderland, bordering the sixth ring of Gotham

Quote1.png You saw what that arrow did to the Dark Robin. It was the Nth Metal, Damian. Don't you see? Those things might have won this round, but because of you... now we know how to kill them. Quote2.png
Green Arrow

Green Arrow (Volume 6) #32 is an issue of the series Green Arrow (Volume 6) with a cover date of December, 2017. It was published on October 4, 2017.

Synopsis for "Gotham Resistance, Finale"

Gotham City. The Wonderland, bordering the sixth ring of Gotham

Oliver is part of a bizarre team who is trying to understand what happened in Gotham City, after a mountain appeared out of nowhere and the city itself changed shape, becoming a maze composed of multiple rings, with each ring ruled by one of Batman's deadliest villains. As they are trying to get out of the Wonderlands of the Mad Hatter, the team encountered Mr. Terrific, who now is explaining to everyone what's happening: a deranged version of Batman, calling himself the Batman who Laughs, gave to seven villains special cards made of a particular, otherworldly metal. With them, they had the ability to reshape a city into whatever they wanted, and they saw it while they tried to get to the center point of the maze.

This is part of a larger plan: the rings are a defense system to protect Challengers Mountain, who the evil Batman transformed into an antenna gathering dark energy, and using Gothamites as batteries. Even worse, a draining machine captured all the other members of the Suicide Squad and the Teen Titans, using them as source of energy as well. Terrific tells them that it's science, not magic, that is shaping this events, but it's a kind of science no one, not even him, can understand, as it defies all the natural laws of their own universe. For Mr. Terrific, the best plan is to go away, as there's no hope of getting out of the mess.

But Damian stands up: the kid has just learned that he probably lost his father from Dick Grayson, who's having mysterious visions related to Batman, thanks to the Electrum in his blood. Robin does not want to abandon his teammates, the Titans, who himself dragged into the hellhole Gotham turned into. He won't abandon the field, and he won't abandon his city, especially now that his father is not able to protect it. Oliver is inspired by the words of Damian, and tells him he's with him and will follow his lead. The rest of the team is convinced as well, and they decide to dub themselves the Gotham Resistance.

Their first action will be to dismantle the machine that absorbed the Titans and the Suicide Squad, to save their comrades. Thing is, Terrific found out that if the machine gets destroyed, all the people captured by it will die as well. As the mission is getting complicated, the Batman who Laughs and his bloodlusted Robin come into the scene: as the dark version of Damian and Damian himself fight, the Batman who Laughs uses the energy he gathered from the mountain to transport to Gotham his team, the Dark Knights. Green Arrow tries to support Damian in combat, but fails: as he throws his last arrow, he hits the shoulder of the good Damian, thanks to a surprising maneuver of the dark one. But not everything is lost, as Damian pierces his evil version with the arrow he was hit with, destroying the enemy. With the Dark Knights almost there, the team is rescued by Doctor Fate, who is able to transport everyone but Harley to his tower.

Inside the Tower of Fate, Salem, Massachusetts

The team is safe, even if Harley wasn't able to escape as the Batman who Laughs took a personal interest in her. Damian is desperate: he failed his father, Gotham and all of his teammates, including Harley and Killer Croc. But Oliver tells him that the battle was lost, but thanks to their actions, especially Damian's, they found a direction for the incoming war: the evil Robin was destroyed by Oliver's arrow because it was made of Nth Metal. This means that now the Gotham Resistance knows how to hurt and kill the enemy, and they will have to spread the news all over. Their discovery might turn the outcome of the conflict in Earth's favor.

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