"Peril in Plastic": This story is reprinted from Green Lantern (Volume 2) #84.

Quote1 Look... sure, I'm ticked off at the pushers because they prey on weakness -- but that doesn't mean my heart bleeds for junkies. Life is tough for everyone. If you want to claim humanity, you don't crawl into a drugged stupor. Quote2
Green Arrow

Green Lantern/Green Arrow #5 is an issue of the series Green Lantern/Green Arrow (Volume 1) published in 1983.

Appearing in "Peril in Plastic"

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Synopsis for "Peril in Plastic"

This story is reprinted from Green Lantern (Volume 2) #84.

Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris enjoy a romantic three weeks together, after revealing his secret identity to her. However, eventually, she explains that she plans to go to the company town of Piper's Dell by herself to see if Dr. Wilbur Palm, the mayor, can cure the paralysis of her legs. Later, Hal visits his friend Oliver Queen for some relationship advice, but they soon hear word that Piper's Dell is being threatened by floods caused by bombs around the town.

Green Lantern manages to save the town from destruction, but Dr. Palm insists that he stay, eventually making it impossible for Lantern to leave, and sending a number of men in suits to attack him. He is weakened by an unusual layer of smog above the town and his earlier efforts to save the town, and the attackers soon overtake him. With his last thoughts before falling unconscious, Green Lantern sends his Green Lantern Ring to Star City to find Oliver.

When Green Lantern comes to, he finds that Dr. Wilbur Palm is in fact his old nemesis the Black Hand in disguise. Black Hand reveals that he has used the town's manufacturing facilities to create a system of brainwashing the townspeople, and that his invitation to Carol Ferris was a ploy to bring Green Lantern there. He allows a still powerless Green Lantern and Ms. Ferris to escape, knowing that the brainwashed citizens will attack them.

However, in the meantime, Oliver has found and charged the ring, and returns it to Hal with one of his arrows. Green Lantern detains the citizens in energy constructs, and then uses his ring to entrap the Black Hand within a case of molten plastic.

The heroes make good their escape, and later, while Christmas shopping, Green Arrow makes an unambiguous remark about the evils of a plastic world, and the effect it has on our society.

Appearing in "Snowbirds Don't Fly"

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  • Drug Dealers
    • Mister Browden (Single appearance)

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  • Drug Addicts
    • Chucky (Single appearance)
  • John (Single appearance)
  • Mary (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "Snowbirds Don't Fly"

This story is reprinted from Green Lantern (Volume 2) #85.

Oliver Queen is attacked by thugs on the street, and despite beating them soundly, he is surprised when he is shot in the shoulder with one of his own arrows. Finding no help from strangers, he crawls to a hospital, and collapses before anyone offers him help.

After being treated, Ollie calls up his friend Hal Jordan to discuss the significance of the arrow. Ollie suggests that he had been neglecting his ward Speedy, and worries that he may have been captured. They follow Ollie's lead to a basement, where they find a withdrawing junkie begging for a fix from a Mr. Browden. Green Arrow and Green Lantern force their way into Browden's apartment, capturing him and the junkie.

Elsewhere, the same thugs who attacked Oliver earlier are waiting for their friend, the same junkie that was caught by the heroes, to return with their fix. Roy Harper appears to be with them. Suddenly, Green Lantern and Green Arrow burst through the ceiling and subdue the junkies. Oliver assumes that Roy is undercover, and tells him to sit the remainder of the mission out, while he takes out the dealers.

The junkies lead GL and GA to the dealers' hideout, but they turn on the duo in order to get their fixes as a reward. With the heroes subdued, the dealers forcibly intoxicate them with their drugs, and plan to discredit them by calling the police. Fortunately, before the police can arrive, Roy shows up gets them to safety, with some effort.

Back at Arrow's tenement, Roy explains that without a father figure, someone might look for comfort in drugs. Despite this, Oliver is horrified to discover that Roy has become a junkie himself, while he and Green Lantern were travelling cross-country.



  • The original cover for the first story featured an image of executive editor Carmine Infantino portraying the character of Dr. Wilbur Palm.

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