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"Deep Down Below the Surface": Power Girl and a Green Lantern called Emerald Knight are preparing to search for the Justice League in the deep space. Emerald Knight is conc

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Power Girl

Green Lantern/Power Girl #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of October, 2000. It was published on August 23, 2000.

Synopsis for "Deep Down Below the Surface"

Power Girl and a Green Lantern called Emerald Knight are preparing to search for the Justice League in the deep space. Emerald Knight is concerned about the JL, but Power Girl assures they will be fine.

Despite Kara's reassurances, though, Oblivion has captured the Leaguers and ordered his slaves to guard them lest he boils them and their world alive.

Power Girl and Emerald Knight take off. On their way, Emerald Knight reveals his costume resembles ancient armor because he used to operate on Earth during medieval times, and he needed to blend in with the natives. Power Girl wonders why there are no records of his existence.

Upon arriving in their destination, both heroes find a planet subsumed by darkness and surrounded by space debris. They also find remains of a JL space craft. Power Girl and Green Lantern plunge into the darkness and find an oceanic world beyond it.

As they fly over an ocean, Power Girl reckons Oblivion created some kind of black hole. Right then they are struck from above, and decide to dive in the waters. Emerald Knight Ring's locates the League, but Power Girl and he are attacked by some kind of octopus-like beast, and then by a platoon of soldiers.

Power Girl keeps them busy while Emerald Knight finds their base. He finds the Justice League frozen solid inside a block of yellow matter he can't cut through. Power Girl can hear they are still alive in there and is about to shatter the block when a native begs her to stop.

Emerald Knight wants to free the League anyway, but Power Girl realizes Oblivion has threatened to wipe those people out if they fail to guard the League. She also points out the fact Oblivion scattered all Kyle Rayner's teams across the universe but he merely froze the League means it's them who Oblivions is frightened of. Hence, they should leave the League down there and hunt Oblivion down.

Right then, Kara and her ally get a call from Kyle. He's found Oblivion on the planet Oa.

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  • At the time when this story was published, Power Girl's origin had been retconned into being an Atlantean. Five years later, she was retconned back to being Superman's Kryptonian cousin.

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