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Agent Orange is a Green Lantern storyline by Geoff Johns and Philip Tan, written as a prelude to the Blackest Night crossover. It expands on the War of Light with the introduction of Larfleeze and his Orange Lantern Corps. The storyline involves Hal Jordan visiting the Vega system when an ancient agreement between Larfleeze and the Guardians is declared null and void. He struggles with and becomes possessed by the orange light, representing avarice on the emotional spectrum.



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War of Light Crossover
The War of Light is a multi-year saga in the Green Lantern family of titles, exploring, but not limited to the introduction of other Lantern Corps. Beginning with prologue Green Lantern: Rebirth, it includes many sub-storylines, such as the Sinestro Corps War, Rage of the Red Lanterns, Sins of the Star Sapphire, Agent Orange, and Emerald Eclipse. The story ended with the company wide crossover event, the Blackest Night.

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