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John Stewart is a decorated veteran marine haunted by traumatic memories of war. Even after seeing the worst of humankind, he always tries to do good. One night, he encounters a couple of thugs harassing a drunk bum, and John doesn't hesitate to interfere and fights

Green Lantern: Beware My Power is a 2022 animated movie set in the Tomorrowverse, and follows John Stewart becoming a member of the Green Lantern Corps while caughted in the middle of a Rannian-Thanagarian war.

Synopsis for "Green Lantern: Beware My Power"

John Stewart is a decorated veteran marine haunted by traumatic memories of war. Even after seeing the worst of humankind, he always tries to do good. One night, he encounters a couple of thugs harassing a drunk bum, and John doesn't hesitate to interfere and fights the harassers. The police don't take long to show up, but they apprehend John while the thugs run away. The officers learn he's a veteran, so they let him go to avoid backlash from the press and social media.

Later that same night, John witnesses a spaceship crashing near his house. John runs toward the crash site and tries to help the blue alien trapped in the wreckage. However, the Guardian dies before him after telling John he was looking for him. The Guardian disintegrates, and from his remains, a green, glowing ring starts floating and speaks to John, saying he was selected to be part of the Green Lantern Corps, and places itself on John's finger. Unable to take it off or even know how it works, John asks for someone to help him, and the ring takes him flying to the Justice League Watchtower.

The Watchtower lets him in because it recognizes him as Green Lantern, but the Justice League members Vixen, Green Arrow, and Martian Manhunter treat him as an intruder. After a short fight, the League interrogates John on how he obtained that ring. When the Martian asks the ring who was its previous owner, the artifact replies that it belonged to Hal Jordan, a member of the League and friend of Green Arrow. Since the Justice League hasn't received any information from the Green Lantern Corps or the Guardians for quite some time, they decide to investigate this matter. John, however, only wants to find a way to get his ring off. Green Arrow goes with John to check the Guardian's shipwreck, which repaired itself during John's absence. With the help of John's ring, they activate the ship and fly toward Oa's coordinates.

During the trip, John learns the history of the Green Lantern Corps. Upon arrival, they find the corpses of Green Lanterns and Guardians, as well as the ruins of the Citadel. Inside the Hall of Honor, Oliver finds a Power Battery. Suddenly, a winged woman attacks them, and John defends himself, almost killing her if it wasn't for the ring's warnings about lethal force not being authorized and Green Arrow's intervention. After she recomposes, Shayera Hol questions if they belong to Rann's forces, who are the prime suspects of Oa's destruction. Shayera explains that her home planet, Thanagar, is at war with Rann. Both planets attempted a truce and joined forces to build a Zeta Beam to boost the economy and technology of both worlds. However, the experiment turned out to be a disaster that teleported Thanagar to Rann's sector, destroying both ecosystems. Hal Jordan was present during the accident, and he was teleported along with Rannagar, dying in the process. The war between both planets raged on ever since.

John and Oliver decide to get the Rannians' help to investigate the accident and ask Shayera to go with them. During the trip, John gets familiar with the ring's ability but runs out of power. Oliver hands him the power battery and teaches him the oath to recharge it. They arrive at a Rannian outpost, but only find corpses of Rannian and Thanagarian soldiers. Suddenly, a Zeta Beam teleports a Rannian man near them. Shayera doesn't hesitate to attack him, but John and Oliver stop them. The man introduces himself as Adam Strange, the champion of Rann presumed dead. He explains that a Zeta Beam randomly teleported him away from his planet during the war, and he spent years trying to learn when the Zeta Beam would hit him again to return home to his daughter. Upon learning that the Green Lantern Corps is gone, Strange decides to help them get to the bottom of this since Rann had an alliance with Oa and they couldn't be responsible for its destruction. John suggests Strange join the group and take them to his High Command.

When they get near Rann, they see the conflict is still active, and they find dead soldiers all around them. They contact a Rannian captain that recognizes Strange and gives him information about the war: Sardath, a Rannian scientist who worked on the incident that teleported Thanagar, is building a weapon that will destroy Thanagar and end this once and for all. They also learn that the same Rannian ship that attacked Oa also attacked Rann, but in the guise of a Thanagarian ship, suggesting that someone else is fueling the conflict between both planets.

They trace the ship to a hidden base, they discover the real perpetrators of the Rann-Thanagar war: the former Green Lantern Sinestro and his group of Yellow Lanterns, who capture the heroes. John and his crew wake up in a prison cell, where they find Hal Jordan, still alive after his supposed death.

Hal explains that Sinestro was responsible for the accident with the Zeta Beam and that Hal survived the Beam's energy. Before going unconscious and getting trapped by Sinestro, Hal commanded his ring to find a successor.

Hal seems surprised to learn about Oa's destruction, and the group tells him about Sardath and his world-killer weapon. However, Sinestro was listening, so he decides to find this weapon as well. With the help of Shayera's Nth Metal knife, Hal digs through the rocks and deactivates the force field to escape their prison. They get to their ship, where Hal kills one of Sinestro's crew, much to Oliver's shock. John then summons his ring and brings their weapons back.

Upon arrival on Rann, they find Sinestro's forces already attacking the planet. Strange contacts High Command and explains the truth of the attacks. However, Sardath refuses to accept Thanagar's innocence, determined to use his weapon to put an end to the conflict. Sardath also explains that Adam Strange has a Metagene that allowed him to tap into the Zeta Beam energy. Suddenly, Sinestro finds the crew and attacks them to take control of the Zeta Beam canon. During the fight, Hal again mercilessly kills one of Sinestro's men and then runs away from the battle while John duels against Sinestro. The Yellow Lantern takes John's ring, throws it away, and is about to kill John, but Stewart summons his ring, flying swiftly through Sinestro's chest and killing him. Sinestro's last words suggest that his "master" will kill them all.

John's crew follow the death trail that leads them to Hal and Sardath, who was finally convinced not to use the Zeta Beam canon. However, Jordan shoots Sardath and betrays his friends, showing his true nature: on the day of his supposed death, Sinestro infected him with the Parallax entity to turn him into his slave. Together they attacked Oa and killed the Green Lanterns, but Jordan became more powerful after stealing their rings and overpowered Sinestro, becoming his master. Now a god-like entity, Hal's goal is to create a new universe with no war and conflict, which he first plans to do so by destroying Rann and Thanagar. John fights Hal, unleashing all of his willpower, taking the Green Lantern Rings away from Hal, and knocking him out. However, Hal stands up again and is about to kill John, but this time Green Arrow is forced to shoot an arrow through his friend's chest, killing Hal and the Parallax entity for good.

Meanwhile, the Zeta Beam was still activated, and they couldn't find a way to stop its ignition. Strange decides to sacrifice himself and uses his metagene to divert the Zeta Beam before it could hit Thanagar.

The remaining heroes return to Earth. Shayera bids farewell and John sends the Green Lantern rings he retrieved from Hal to find new recruits, and rebuild the Corps. John and Oliver go together to toast their lost friends, but also for the new ones.

Appearing in "Green Lantern: Beware My Power"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Parallax (First appearance) (Flashback and main story) (Dies)
  • Sinestro Corps (First appearance; unnamed)
    • Arkillo (First appearance; unnamed) (Dies)
    • Despero (First appearance; unnamed)
    • Kanja Ro (First appearance; unnamed)
    • Lord Damyn (First appearance)
    • Lyssa Drak (First appearance)
    • Sinestro (First appearance) (Flashback and main story) (Dies)
  • Taliban (First appearance) (Flashback only)

Other Characters:

  • Green Lantern Corps (First appearance)
    • Abin Sur (Single appearance) (Unnamed) (Hologram)
    • Apros (Single appearance) (Unnamed) (Appears only as a corpse)
    • Arisia Rrab (Single appearance) (Unnamed) (Statue only)
    • Boodikka (Single appearance) (Unnamed) (Flashback only)
    • Ch'p (Single appearance) (Unnamed) (Statue only)
    • Chaselon (Single appearance) (Unnamed) (Statue only)
    • Galius Zed (Single appearance) (Unnamed) (Flashback only)
    • Hannu (Single appearance) (Unnamed) (Appears only as a corpse)
    • Ke'Haan (Single appearance) (Unnamed) (Flashback only)
    • Kreon (Single appearance) (Unnamed) (Appears only as a corpse)
    • Laira Omoto (Single appearance) (Unnamed) (Flashback only)
    • Salakk (Single appearance) (Unnamed) (Appears only as a corpse)
    • Soranik Natu (Single appearance) (Unnamed) (Hologram)
    • Tomar-Re(Single appearance) (Unnamed) (Flashback only)
  • John Constantine (Unnamed)
  • Rannians (Flashback and main story)
    • Captain Kantus (First appearance; dies)
    • Sardath (First appearance; dies) (Flashback and main story)
  • Thanagarians (Flashback and main story)
  • Alanna (Deceased) (Mentioned only)
  • Aleea Strange (Mentioned only)
  • Batman (Mentioned only)
  • The Flash (Mentioned only)
  • Superman (Mentioned only)
  • Wonder Woman (Mentioned only)








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