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In the not too distant future, ex-pilot turned mining worker Harold Jordan works for Ferris Galactic and is part of a crew mining at the asteroid belt. Jordan is disappointed to learn that a rival company have beaten them on striking a bigger deposit and are informed by their employer Carol Ferris t

Green Lantern: Earth One #1 is an issue of the series Green Lantern: Earth One (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2018. It was published on March 14, 2018.

Synopsis for the 1st Story

In the not too distant future, ex-pilot turned mining worker Harold Jordan works for Ferris Galactic and is part of a crew mining at the asteroid belt. Jordan is disappointed to learn that a rival company have beaten them on striking a bigger deposit and are informed by their employer Carol Ferris to come home, but are not getting their bonuses. But Jordan refuses to return to Earth and continues to dig until he inadvertently finds an alien spaceship buried within the asteroid. He and crewman Volkov explore inside the ship and find a deactivated robot, a long dead alien body, a power battery in the shape of a lantern, and a ring. Jordan radios in this discovery to Captain Amelia Seaton before the spaceship loses its support, causing Jordan and Volkov to escape with the battery and ring.

On a shuttle heading back to the Ferris 6, as Jordan reports their findings to the rest of the crew, Volkov curiously puts the ring on his finger and tries to use it on the battery. This triggers an energy blast that damages the hull and Volkov is sucked into the void despite Jordan's effort to save him. Jordan could only grab the ring and survives in space using his willpower to control the ring. The Ferris 6's crew are surprised at what they saw, but they cannot allow Jordan in the ship as they are fearful of possible radiation exposure coming from the ring. Just as the crew tries to find a way to safely get Jordan inside, the robot from the derelict ship is reactivated and attacks Jordan. After the robot slams Jordan into an asteroid, Jordan uses all of his energy from the ring to destroyed the robot. However, this act sends Jordan further away into outer space.

Jordan later regains consciousness on a medical bed and is surprised to find himself on an alien planet, and meets his rescuer Kilowog. Jordan learns from Kilowog that he is on the planet Bolovax Vik and is mistaken to be a Green Lantern in which Kilowog is much eager to become one, as Kilowog also possesses a ring passed down from his family, and expects Jordan to train him. Jordan correctly clarified with Kilowog of how he found the ring and his ordeal with the robot, which its remains is also in Kilowog's possession. Kilowog is left very surprised and especially of how he was able to destroy the robot, identified as a Manhunter. It is explained by Kilowog that the ring and power battery belong to the Green Lantern Corps, an organization of peacekeepers based on the world of Oa until they were all hunted and mostly eliminated by the Manhunters. It is unknown where the Manhunters originated but among many stories some say it was the Oans who created them. Since then the Manhunters have control nearly the entire galaxy and has neutralized the Central Battery, making the rings no longer powerful as they once did. The Manhunters have little interest in Bolovax Vik as the planet is isolated and its inhabitants strictly forbids anyone from leaving and no aliens are permitted on the planet, as to why Kilowog had to keep Jordan hidden.

Kilowog and Jordan decide to work together in learning how to use their rings, from flying to making energy blasts. Unfortunately, their training has caught the attention of the Bolovax Homeguard. Jordan and Kilowog are confronted and the Homeguard's commander chastise them for using the rings. Before the Homeguard are about to detain Jordan, Kilowog's lab is destroyed by Manhunters, who have detected the damaged Manhunter, before attacking the Homeguard, Jordan, and Kilowog. The inexperienced Green Lanterns tries to fight back but the Manhunters are proven to be too powerful in terms of their weapons and numbers. Jordan, realizing they are greatly outmatched, grabs Kilowog and flee from Bolovax Vik. Once landing on a planet, Penelo, away from the Manhunters, Kilowog is upset with Jordan for making him a coward and flies back to his planet to resume their fight despite of Jordan's pleas. Jordan then notice a devastated city in the distance. He travels through the ruins and finds a statue of a Green Lantern, Penelops. Kilowog soon returns and is injured; he now finally realizes that he cannot do this alone. Jordan propose finding any remaining Lantern alive to fight the Manhunters.

They travel from planet to planet, risking their depleting power rings, until they find a single lead to Graxos IV. There, they are greeted with hostility from the Green Lantern Arisia Rrab and her people. Upon Jordan explaining their intentions to Arisia, she refuses to help them and deeming Jordan to be very naïve. The two later travel to Moeb Gira and meet Veca Trana, whose late partner was a Green Lantern. After Veca listens to their plans and learning that Kilowog lacks key knowledge of the GLC, he reveals the shocking truth that the Guardians of the Universe, who created the Corps, were responsible for creating the Manhunters to destroy the Green Lanterns under the belief that they have bestowed too much power on so many beings that could bring chaos to the galaxy. With the Central Power Battery destroyed, there is no way to defeat the Manhunters with numbers when their rings are severely weakened. Left very disappointed, Jordan and Kilowog decide to get drunk at a space station.

Jordan blames himself for convincing Kilowog of finding help from other Lanterns and reveals how hard it is for him to trust people. He explains to Kilowog that he used to work for NASA to develop an orbiting platform called Arrowhead that was originally made for launching deep space exploration missions but only to be weaponized into a defense platform. Hal trusted the wrong people, who then used the Arrowhead to cause a massacre to grab power and turning nations such as the United States to fall under authoritarian regimes, and he was unable to prevent it and forcing him to run away. After finishing his story, the station comes under attack by Manhunters and Jordan is punched out by one of the robots.

Jordan wakes up to find himself, along with many others, to be use as slave labor by the Manhunters. Throughout his ordeal, Jordan witnessed the horrible conditions enforced by the Manhunters. One day, Jordan finds his ring recharging through unknown means. Hal tries to keep the recharged ring hidden until an alien accost him, causing Hal to accidentally blasts him with his ring. The Manhunters are alerted and Hal hides with another slave, who reveals that the planet they are on is Oa. Jordan believes that a battery is somewhere inside the Manhunters' containment dome and can use it to recharge his ring and then using its power to free the slaves. But his fellow escapee argues that it is foolish and that she doesn't care about rescuing them. The slave ends up stealing Jordan's ring, but fails to breach the dome. Just as Hal arrives and gets his ring back, the slave is blasted by the Manhunters. Jordan quickly grabs the ring and manages to get inside the dome where he finds the Central Power Battery. He uses his ring to connect with the battery and comes into contact with a Guardian.

The Guardian explains to Jordan that he is the sole survivor of the Oan Council who had escaped into another dimension and is responsible for creating the battery, the Corps, and the Manhunters. He admits that the robots were meant to keep the Green Lanterns in check should they have gone rogue and had safeguards to prevent them from replicating or replacing themselves, not without help from their creators. When the Manhunters murdered the Guardians, they depended on slaves to repair them. Right now, the Guardian knows a way to destroy all the Manhunters; he instructs Jordan to destroy the containment dome, allowing the battery's energy to flow free and fully charging the rings throughout the galaxy, and contacting the other Lanterns and bringing them to Oa and using the Central Battery to destroy Oa, the Manhunters, and as well the slaves. Jordan is very hesitant to go through the Guardian's plan that will kill the slaves, but he has no choice to ensure the galaxy's freedom from the Manhunters.

With his ring fully charged, Jordan is able to fight back at the Manhunters. But he is still vastly outnumbered. Jordan attempt to flee from Oa, but stops and is reminded of his cowardice. He turns back and tries to break through the containment dome before sending a distress call to all surviving Lanterns to return to Oa. Jordan is eventually overpowered. Just as the Manhunters breaks through his shields, Kilowog and the other Green Lanterns, including Arisia and Veca Trana, arrives. The Lanterns breaks the dome and fully restoring the Central Battery. Though the Lanterns managed to save Jordan and destroying the Manhunters guarding the dome, an entire army of Manunters are coming. They begin to debate on whether they should follow through on the Guardian's plans to use the Central Battery to destroy Oa, along with killing thousands of slaves. But Jordan wants a better solution. Fortunately, one of the Lanterns, a physicist, does know a way; he propose that by using their re-empowered rings, they can control the Central Battery's power to wipe out every Manhunter on the surface without destroying Oa or killing the slaves. Following through on the Lantern's plan, all the Manhunters on Oa's surface are destroyed.

The Lanterns then proceed to save the slaves, but Veca is fatally wounded. Veca make his last request to Jordan to pass his ring to someone. The Lanterns evacuate the slaves to a moon orbiting the planet Paraqua. Jordan gives Veca's ring to one of the freed slaves. As the Manhunters aren't defeated yet, the Lanterns agrees to once again work together to liberate the galaxy from the Manhunters and electing Arisia as the Corps' leader due to her experience. Thereafter, Kilowog and Jordan return to Bolovax Vik and freeing it from the Manhunters.

Meanwhile, the Guardian is displeased with the events on Oa; he wanted the uncontrolled blast from the Central Battery to destroy both Manhunters and Lanterns, thereby removing his problems and laying a clear path for his return to the galaxy. The Guardian shrugs off his displeasure, deeming this a minor setback that he will eventually deal with as he has prepared an army of Yellow Lanterns.

Jordan returns to the Solar System, picking up the battery on the way and giving Volkov a burial before heading to Earth. He makes a surprise meeting with Captain Amy Seaton and revealing himself as a Green Lantern.

Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Green Lantern Corps (First appearance)
    • Arisia Rrab (First appearance)
    • Kilowog Ev (First appearance)
    • Salakk (First appearance)
    • Sinestro (First appearance)
    • Tomar-Re (First appearance)
    • Veca Trana (First appearance; dies)
    • Various unnamed Green Lanterns


  • Manhunters (First appearance)
  • Unnamed Guardian (First appearance)
  • Yellow Lantern Corps (First appearance) (Cameo)

Other Characters:

  • Ferris Galactic (First appearance)
    • Captain Amy Seaton (First appearance)
    • Hensen
    • Unnamed astronaut
    • Volkov (Dies)
  • Guardians of the Universe (Flashback only)
  • Carol Ferris (Mentioned only)
  • Unnamed slave (Dies)




  • Ferris 6


  • Hal Jordan in this continuity is an astronaut rather than an Air Force pilot. However, in his first appearance in Showcase #22, Hal is introduced developing a training simulator for space pilots.

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