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Taking responsibility for a car accident he caused under the influence of alcohol, Hal Jordan is sentenced to ninety days of prison. Stripped from his power ring, Hal faces his sentence with frustration. The si

Emerald Dawn II was a six part mini-series written by Keith Giffen and Gerard Jones, with illustrations by M.D. Bright. The storyline continues where Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn left off, following Hal Jordan's incarceration and training under Sinestro.


Taking responsibility for a car accident he caused under the influence of alcohol, Hal Jordan is sentenced to ninety days of prison. Stripped from his power ring, Hal faces his sentence with frustration. The situation doesn't take long to get worse, and Hal becomes the prime suspect in the assassination of his cellmate. Fortunately for him, Hal receives the help of his caseworker, Guy Gardner, who helps Hal out of the situation.

Meanwhile, on Oa, the Guardians reflect on Hal Jordan's lack of training, and they assign Sinestro, the exemplary Green Lantern of Sector 1417, as his instructor. Although reluctant at first, Sinestro accepts the tasks, seeing it as an opportunity to train someone with his style of order.[1]

Immediately, Sinestro shows up in Hal Jordan's cell and plants an energy replica to fool the guards while they leave the prison undetected. As their first mission together, they head to Sector 131, where they confront a summit between representatives of the Khunds, Dominators, and the Citadel, planning to form an alliance that would expand their control over the galaxy. Sinestro's diplomatic approach fails to convince them, and eventually, the summit turns against the Green Lanterns. Even though he caused the outburst of violence, Sinestro warns the representatives that if one Green Lantern could cause so much damage (referencing Hal Jordan), they should imagine what the whole Green Lantern Corps can do.

The Lanterns part ways and Sinestro hopes to be removed from the assignment, deeming Jordan a lost cause. When Hal returns to prison, he is shocked to find a new cellmate who found out his replica was a fake.[2] Hal sees no alternative than to reveal his identity and history to his cellmate, who turns out to be a famous gentleman thief called Willie. Later during lunch, Hal gets involved in a fight between Willie and another inmate, who recognizes him as Green Lantern.

Later that night, Sinestro appears in Hal's cellmate to take him for training, and Sinestro attempts to wipe Willie's mind, but Hal resists and convinces him not to do it. Over the days and weeks, Hal lives as an unsuspecting inmate by day and trains as a Green Lantern with Sinestro by night. Willie learns that the previous inmate that recognized Hal plans to steal his ring. Upon discovering him eavesdropping on them, the inmates wound Willie with a shiv, leaving him in the infirmary.

Hal learns of his friend's condition, but Sinestro takes him out of prison and brings him to his homeworld, Korugar, where they find a rebellion against Sinestro.[3] Hal finds himself involved in the crossfire, and he's seen as another threat by the Korugarans, led by Katma Tui. Hal realizes that something is off by how Sinestro acted against his people, and he calls for backup from the Corps, angering Sinestro, and both Green Lanterns fight. Eventually, Sinestro relents, and they flee from Korugar before the other Corpsmen arrive. The backup arrives while the Korugarans celebrate their victory, and Katma Tui commands his people to attack them. Upon seeing Sinestro's banners all across the planet, and the Korugarans' reaction against the Green Lanterns, the Corpsmen realize that Sinestro overstepped his authority. Tomar-Re contacts the Guardians, who send a garrison of robots known as the Fists of the Guardians to persecute Hal Jordan and Sinestro.[4]

When the situation cools down, Hal realizes that he's been two days away from Earth, and he rushes back to the prison. Sinestro follows him, seeing the prison as a good place to hide. Upon arrival, they find the inmates are taking over the facility, led by the inmate who recognized Hal as Green Lantern and wants to steal his ring. Hal and Sinestro come face to face with the riot leader, who demands Hal's ring in exchange for Guy's life. The Lanterns reveal themselves and beat the attackers. Guy, letting his anger issues come to the fore, brutally attacks the inmate. Hal restrains and convinces him to calm down, although Sinestro considers it would have been fitting to let him go for the kill. Suddenly, the Fists of the Guardians arrive at the prison, placing both Hal Jordan and Sinestro under arrest.[5]

Sinestro escapes from the robots, and they chase him to a nearby farm, knocking him into a silo, where the yellow grains leave him powerless. At the prison, Hal takes care of the remaining rioters and places them in their respective cells, himself included.

Suddenly, Hal gets teleported to Oa, where the Guardians put Sinestro under trial. Hal Jordan and Katma Tui act as witnesses, and Tomar-Re suggests that Sinestro abused his power in Korugar. After hearing all testimonies, the Guardians declare Sinestro guilty, banishing him from the Corps and sentencing him to the Antimatter Universe of Qward. Before disappearing, Sinestro threatens his former masters and comrades, pledging to take revenge against them.

With a vacant for a new Green Lantern in Sector 1417, Tomar-Re suggests Katma Tui replace Sinestro, but she is not very fond of that idea.

Hal then teleports back to his prison cell, feeling more confused and afraid about the Guardians. His ninety days of imprisonment pass, and he reunites with his friends.[6]


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