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"The Will to Power": On Korugar, Katma Tui leads a revolution of her people against the Green Lanterns Sinestro and Hal Jordan, begrudgingly with the help of the Khunds.

Quote1.png I wasn't here to keep the Chaos away! Now I have to fix it! Fix it! Fix it!! I will fix it - I will put the Order back... If I have to clear it all away and start all over a... Quote2.png

Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II #4 is an issue of the series Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 1991.

Synopsis for "The Will to Power"

On Korugar, Katma Tui leads a revolution of her people against the Green Lanterns Sinestro and Hal Jordan, begrudgingly with the help of the Khunds.

Sinestro becomes increasingly enraged and unhinged, seeing his previously orderly people rebel. He assumes that they must be under mind control, when it is clear that they have felt oppressed by his brand of order. Hal restrains Sinestro, and calls for backup from the Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro is angered, and attacks Hal, forcing Hal to fight back with superior focus, and beat his trainer into submission.

Eventually, Sinestro relents, but he convinces Hal to flee with him, before the other Corpsmen arrive, and judge their situation too quickly (but rightly). Hal is reticent to throw in with Sinestro, but follows, nonetheless.

Back at the state prison, Hal's friend Willie is visited in the infirmary by his caseworker Guy Gardner. Guy tries to convince Willie to give up the inmates who stabbed him, but Willie is too frightened to say anything. Guy becomes frustrated and leaves, while Willie wishes for Hal's return, so he can warn him of the other inmates' plans to steal his ring and break out of prison.

Meanwhile, Katma Tui, having seen the Lanterns leave, begins celebrating the Korugarians' victory over the Lanterns. But, soon, the Green Lantern Corps arrive, and Katma, believing they are a threat, orders her people to fire on them. The Lanterns notice that Katma is the leader, and separate her from the rebels for questioning. Tomar-Re is surprised to hear that Katma expects the Corps to break her spirit and torture her. When Tomy-Fai notices all of the banners celebrating Sinestro, they begin to understand that he has dramatically exceeded his authority in Sector 1417.

The Corps contact the Guardians of the Universe, and they decide that they have no other choice but to release the Fists of the Guardians.

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