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"The Next Life": At the Source Wall, the Krona-led Black Lantern Corps face Hal Jordan, and his new ally, Relic.

Green Lantern: Futures End #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of November, 2014. It was published on September 3, 2014.

Synopsis for "The Next Life"

At the Source Wall, the Krona-led Black Lantern Corps face Hal Jordan, and his new ally, Relic.

Several hours earlier, on Earth, Hal Jordan's night of watching TV and drinking beer is ruined by the surprise appearance of Martin Jordan. The still very dead Martin Jordan. After a joyous reunion, the elder Jordan removes his hand from his pocket, to reveal a Black Lantern Ring. Black Hand resurrected him to get back at Hal, but no-one's seen him since the Black Lantern Battery was shattered. As Martin explains, Krona's calling the shots now. Someone said Hal would know how to beat him. Hal, however, declines. After having been absent for the last war, on some planet who's name he can't remember, he's vowed not to leave again. Martin asks what he'll do if Krona brings his increasingly large Black Lantern Corps to Earth. Hal finally asks who recommended him. Turns out several of his former allies in the Green Lantern Corps have been "recruited" again, but they've been able to resist Krona's hold. This is enough to inspire Hal to take up the ring again, though the moment is ruined when Martin's appearance shifts. Krona's trying to exert his hold again. Hal promises him that he won't go up against Krona alone.

Which leads to now, with Relic pondering the Black Lantern Corps as they advance. Hal just tells him about their weakness to two colors of the Emotional Spectrum, something Relic finds fascinating. Using a combination of green and violet light, Hal blasts through the horde. At least until Krona uses his connection to the dead to interfere with Relic's instruments, and bring forth the Black Lanterns the scientist had been keeping contained. Against their will, the Black Lanterns begin turning into regular Black Lanterns, swarming Hal. Using his ring, Hal drags several of the cadavers, Krona included, into a tight bubble, and tells Relic to blast him with everything he has. Relic does so, and Krona is destroyed.

The Black Lantern ring scans for Black Hand, but despite located him, it's instantly seized by Relic, causing most of the remaining Black Lanterns to decay. Despite this, the former Green Lanterns and Martin remain, the father running to his stricken son, demanding Relic help him. However, even if Relic was a medic, Hal's injuries are too severe. However, the Source Wall could preserve him. Reluctantly, Martin accepts, but not before making Relic promise to free him eventually. Martin places Hal on the wall, and as his son slowly turns to stone, the remaining Black Lanterns disappear.

Appearing in "The Next Life"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Krona
    • Black Lantern Corps
      • Evil Star
      • Goldface

Other Characters:

  • Black Lantern Corps
    • Boodikka
    • Chaselon
    • Ch'p
    • Green Man
    • Ke'Haan
    • Katma Tui
    • Martin Jordan
    • Oliversity
    • Tomar-Re
    • Varix





  • The Black Lantern Central Power Battery is noted to have shattered. Exactly what caused this isn't stated, but Black Hand has been missing since then. However, he is capable of being detected by the Black Lantern ring, meaning he's likely deceased.
  • Exactly how and why Krona managed to retain his self-hood enough to take over the Black Lantern Corps isn't stated, but given Krona's expertise with the Emotional Spectrum, it's hardly a surprise.
  • While fighting the Black Lanterns, Hal makes a comment about green and violet working "together again", likely a reference to his long standing romantic issues with Carol Ferris, who is neither present nor mentioned in the rest of this issue.
  • This issue is reprinted in Futures End: Five Years Later Omnibus.

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