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"Enemies Within": At the Citadel on Oa, an object covered in green energy flies out and away from the planet, with a single mission: "Find Kyle Rayner". On Earth, Kyle tries to repeat his warning that "it has a name", but he passes out again, and his ring begins to speaking on a loop: "Parallax

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Green Lantern: Rebirth #2 is an issue of the series Green Lantern: Rebirth (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2005. It was published on November 24, 2004.

Synopsis for "Enemies Within"

At the Citadel on Oa, an object covered in green energy flies out and away from the planet, with a single mission: "Find Kyle Rayner". On Earth, Kyle tries to repeat his warning that "it has a name", but he passes out again, and his ring begins to speaking on a loop: "Parallax is coming."

At Ferris Aircraft, Carol Ferris stands before Hal Jordan. She asks if he's responsible for fixing the air field, but Hal asks if he remembers when they first met. She assumes that he's talking about her first week on the job, noting that among all the men, he was the only one not intimidated by the boss's daughter, and in fact flirted with her. Hal, however, is refering to the real first time they met, when they were just children—the day Martin Jordan crashed. He and Carol were just children, and were watching the flight. Hal was holding his father's jacket, hoping to one day "wear it right", as his father always did. Hal remarks that his father crashing had been his worse fear, and after that, there was nothing left to be afraid of. It was never a topic of discussion when they were together, and was why Carol's father initially kept Hal in the simulators. Hal understands that his father's death tore Carl Ferris up inside, and explains to Carol that he needs to find his way back to being who he was.

On the Justice League Watchtower, John Stewart asks where Green Arrow got the ring. Arrow says that Hal gave it to him on their days travelling together, without the Guardians knowledge. John offers to charge it, but Green Arrow doubts he could get it to work. Zatanna has located Hal Jordan's soul, saying its at Ferris Aircraft. Superman decides that the Justice League should go and talk to Hal, and insists that's all they want, but Batman doubts it will be that easy. He also suggests Arrow stay behind with J'onn and Mid-nite to watch Guy Gardner. Green Arrow knows the real reason is because of his friendship with Hal, and Batman admits it, saying that if anything happens to them, he's the only one who could lead an appropriate counterattack on Hal.

At the Justice Society's headquarters, Alan Scott appears on the verge of collapse, and needs Jade's support to stand up, but insists on talking with Mr. Terrific. He asks Michael to keep an eye on the League, thinking that Hal is innocent in this. Mr. Terrific is surprised by Alan's willingness to defend Hal Jordan, but it makes perfect sense to Jay Garrick. Anyone would feel the same way if they shared a name with a murderer.

At Ferris Aircraft, Carol tells Hal that's she's married. Hal knows, and is happy for her, saying that of all the women he's been with, she was the only one that had a chance at settling him down. They share an embrace, and Carol tells Hal that's cold. The League arrives, and Superman explains what happened to Coast City and Guy Gardner, which surprises Hal. Flash asks what Hal has done, and Hal admits to fixing Ferris Aircraft, nothing more, leading Batman to cynically note that Hal was trying to "fix things" as Parallax. Suddenly, John Stewart takes to air and attacks the Justice League. Hal transforms into the Spectre, but the entity itself takes Hal away.

On the Watchtower, Guy Gardner's appearance has stabilized, and Mr. Terrific has discovered why: his human DNA is supressing his Vuldarian DNA. J'onn soon discovers that he can't connect with Guy, when all of a sudden, the power ring Green Arrow has becomes hot, then splits into two, one of them attaching itself to Guy Gardner. J'onn finds Gardner's mind overwhelmed with arrogance, confidence, and fear, when Gardner uses the ring to attack them, and slip into his old Green Lantern uniform.

At the crash site, Kyle regains consciousness, and repeats his warning of the name. The hitchhikers ask what "it" is, and Kyle explains that "it" is the impurity. Suddenly, a green energy blast hits the ship, projected by Kilowog. Kyle tells the two hitchhikers to leave, as Kilowog tells Kyle to use the ring. Kyle refuses, and Kilowog blasts the ship, opening the coffin containing Hal Jordan's still preserved body. All of a sudden, a force field surrounds the coffin. As Kilowog is ordered to stand down, the speaker announces that Hal Jordan's body is under his protection—Ganthet, the last Guardian of the Universe.

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  • Although Batman's mistrust of Hal Jordan is pretty much par for course, Wally West's mistrust is more surprising, seeing as how he considered Hal Jordan a surrogate uncle (Barry Allen and Hal Jordan were best friends, and Wally grew up with Hal).

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