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"Yellow": At the crash site, Ganthet repeats his order to Kilowog to stand down. The situation makes Kyle nervous for two reason: not only is Ganthet capable of cracking the planet in half, he appears to be angry, something Kyle's never seen before. Kilowog attacks, but his strike fail to even p

Quote1.png Evil finally escaped Jordan's sight. It hid inside him. Quote2.png
Kyle Rayner

Green Lantern: Rebirth #3 is an issue of the series Green Lantern: Rebirth (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2005. It was published on December 22, 2004.

Synopsis for "Yellow"

At the crash site, Ganthet repeats his order to Kilowog to stand down. The situation makes Kyle nervous for two reason: not only is Ganthet capable of cracking the planet in half, he appears to be angry, something Kyle's never seen before. Kilowog attacks, but his strike fail to even phase Ganthet, who retaliates with blast of greater magnitude. Kyle instictively throws up a shield with his ring, and he sees images of Guy Gardner and John Stewart attacking the Justice League, as a voice says he has them.

At the same time, Hal Jordan finds himself on the outskirts of Coast City, and a green light coming from the city. The light is at his old apartment building, and is being caused by a Green Lantern Power Battery. Hal is confused, but see's his reflection on the Lantern—in the form of Parallax.

Ganthet tells Kyle to leave, saying that ""preparations are ready" and that fear cannot sneak up on one who knows it. Kyle tells him that Guy and John are affected, like Kilowog, and hopes for success, but Ganthet tells him that hope has no power over fear. Their only weapon is willpower. With that, Ganthet teleports Kyle to the Watchtower. Kyle rushes over to J'onn, seeing if he's alive. Green Arrow is awake, telling him what Guy Gardner did, then stops cold when he sees Hal's body. Kyle advises him to sit down, saying it's a long story.

At Coast City, Hal doesn't understand why his Parallax persona is emerging, when it says that it's inside him. It offers to return everything Hal has lost: Coast City, the Green Lantern Corps, even Carol Ferris. The Spectre emerges and tries to suppress Parallax, but does so with great difficulty, saying that it's time Hal Jordan learn the truth about Parallax.

On the Watchtower, Kyle explains about the energy that the Green Lanterns use, which is made from the willpower of the sentient beings in the universe. During his journy to Sector 3599, he landed on a planet where the people told him that Parallax was going to destroy the universe. Kyle thought that they were refering to Hal, but they showed him a crude drawing of a creature named Parallax. This insectoid like creature was a demonic parasite and the physical embodiment of fear. Parallax caused intense fear in civilizations which wiped themselves out from mass paranoia, and feed on that fear. The Guardians of the Universe battled Parallax with willpower, but neither force could destroy the other, so the Guardians sealed Parallax in the Central Power Battery on Oa, placing him in a comatose state which the Guardians believed he would never emerge from. For three billion years, Parallax was essentially dead, purposely forgotten so that no one would try to free it, but its presence in the Battery weakened the energy stored within, and Parallax became the cause of the yellow impurity. Then one day, Parallax awoke. Needing a host, it selected Hal Jordan, influencing him for years (the white streaks were the first sign). When the Cyborg Superman and Mongul destroyed Coast City, that was more than enough for Parallax to get a foothold in Jordan's mind. His subsequent attempt to recreate Coast City and rampage against the Green Lantern Corps were caused by Parallax manipulating Hal's mind. The breaking point was when Hal Jordan killed Sinestro, who the Guardians released to try and stop Hal. Once Hal absorbed the energy from the Central Battery, Parallax was finally freed, and grafted itself onto Hal Jordan's soul. Parallax's reigniting of the sun was Hal Jordan's mind shining through. However, when Hal Jordan died, Parallax remained with his soul, now bonded to the Spectre.

At Coast City, the Spectre has just explained the same things to Hal Jordan. That was the reason that the Spectre choose Hal as his host, in an attempt to punish Parallax for its crimes and remove it from Hal Jordan's soul. Unfortunately, by this point, Parallax has control over the Spectre now, and suppresses both Hal and the Spectre. Tearing off Hal Jordan's "skin", Parallax is reborn.

On the Watchtower, Green Arrow is still processing everything, not only what he's been told, but the magnitude of what Parallax did to Hal: it took Hal Jordan's life, reputation, and very soul. Green Arrow doesn't understand why Ganthet never told them the truth about Parallax before, and Kyle says that Ganthet believes Parallax suppressed his memories of Parallax after it escaped. Arrow angrily rejects that, having never trusted the Guardians. Kyle doesn't know how to stop Parallax before it takes over the Spectre, but knows that they need to do it before he's corrupted as well. There are two questions Green Arrow still has: If Parallax needed a host, why did it pick Hal out of the thousands of Green Lanterns available? And if Parallax had been asleep, what made it wake up?

Suddenly, Green Arrow is struck in the back by a yellow energy arrow, and as he and Kyle turn around, the cause for both Parallax's awakening and Hal's selection stands right before them—Sinestro of Korugar.

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