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"Force of Will": At the Watchtower, Kyle Rayner and Green Arrow are staring down Sinestro. Angrily telling Kyle he "should have let it burn out", Sinestro then fires a flurry of energy projectiles at them, but Kyle is able to raise a shield against them. Kyle had believed that Sinestro was dead,

Quote1.png Arrows won't work here. But this...this might. In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who...who...Crap. How the hell does the rest of that-- Quote2.png
Green Arrow

Green Lantern: Rebirth #4 is an issue of the series Green Lantern: Rebirth (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2005. It was published on January 26, 2005.

Synopsis for "Force of Will"

At the Watchtower, Kyle Rayner and Green Arrow are staring down Sinestro. Angrily telling Kyle he "should have let it burn out", Sinestro then fires a flurry of energy projectiles at them, but Kyle is able to raise a shield against them. Kyle had believed that Sinestro was dead, but Sinestro reveals that what Hal Jordan killed was actually an energy construct made by Parallax. Temporarily subduing Kyle, Sinestro notes Green Arrow and his friendship with Hal, then slams him into the wall. Sinestro explains that when he was in the Central Power Battery, his ring allowed him to awaken and communicate with Parallax. He marvels at how for all these years, his ring was tapping into living fear, and that he now essentially commands it.

At Coast City, Parallax has fully suppressed both Hal Jordan and the Spectre, and destroys the building. Ganthet deposits an unconscious Kilowog before Parallax, saying that his brief freedom is nearing its end. Parallax counters that without threats such as himself, the Guardians would have no reason to exist. Guy Gardner and John Stewart, under Parallax's influence, try to attack Ganthet, but the Guardian severs Parallax's connection over them. As the three Green Lanterns form up around Ganthet, he notes that Parallax has made a number of enemies in Sector 2814—case in point, the heroes of Earth.

The battle on the Watchtower rages, moving from room to room, damaging the building. Sinestro is easily dominating his battle with Kyle, calling him an alley rat unworthy of being a Green Lantern. Green Arrow tries to charge the Ring Hal gave him, and succeeds despite not remembering the Oath. Sinestro is aware of Green Arrow's actions, but is not worried, considering Arrow's will cynical and weak. Arrow rages against Sinestro for what he did to Hal, and Sinestro says that Hal Jordan brought it upon himself for interfering on Korugar. Sinestro's place in history is as the greatest villain of Korugar, and now, Hal Jordan knows what that's like, as there is no one left who believes in him. Green Arrow counters that there is, and is able to fire a single energy arrow through Sinestro. However, the action took all of Green Arrow's will, and he nearly collapses. Fortunately, the conversation gave Kyle time to recover, and he blasts Sinestro away. Arrow asks if its always like that when one uses the ring, and Kyle confirms it.

On Earth, Batman and Wonder Woman note that the heroes seem to be holding back against Parallax, almost as if they're afraid. John and Guy run toward Batman, trying to explain what is going on, but John is still unsure if they can risk using their rings. Parallax is unimpressed with Earth's heroes, but is amused by Alan Scott, noting that the "statesman" was the only Green Lantern to resist his call due to his different power. As Parallax tries to finish Alan Scott off, he recoils, as Hal Jordan's soul fights his way through, urging the Spectre to fight as well. Finally, Hal Jordan, the Spectre, and Parallax are all separated from each other, allowing the heroes to see Parallax's true form, and that Hal Jordan is not Parallax. Hal commands the Spectre to destroy Parallax, but he refuses, saying that his goal was to remove Parallax from Hal, and that his goal is complete. The Lord summons the Spectre, who departs, saying that Hal Jordan's soul is ready to move on. As Hal moves into the light, Parallax takes hold of Ganthet, who sends a beacon of green light to guide Hal Jordan back. Jordan is ready to move on, but the spirits of Abin Sur, Tomar-Re, and Martin Jordan appear, telling him that he can overcome great fear, and that it's not his time. Hal follows the beacon to another place.

Hal Jordan comes home.

On the Watchtower, Kyle Rayner and Green Arrow are all but defeated, and Sinestro commands them to beg for their lives, saying he'll make it quick. Suddenly, Green Arrow's ring leaves and heads over to Hal Jordan's body. As the ring glows, the white streaks fade from his hair, and his mind and soul feel clear. To Sinestro's shock, the coffin explodes as Hal Jordan is reborn—not as Parallax or the Spectre, but as the Green Lantern.

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