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"Brightest Day": Batman demands an explanation from Hal Jordan before he allows him to try and stop the Parallax possessed Ganthet. Instead, Hal uses his ring to shatter the Batarang and rope attached to him. Parallax begins to spread his power over Earth, causing humanit

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Green Lantern: Rebirth #6 is an issue of the series Green Lantern: Rebirth (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2005. It was published on March 23, 2005.

Synopsis for "Brightest Day"

Batman demands an explanation from Hal Jordan before he allows him to try and stop the Parallax possessed Ganthet. Instead, Hal uses his ring to shatter the Batarang and rope attached to him. Parallax begins to spread his power over Earth, causing humanity to succumb to paranoia. Batman grabs Hal's shoulder, still wanting an explanation—and Hal downs Batman with a single right hook, telling him that he'll have to wait. Hal then leads the Green Lanterns (including a very happy Guy Gardner) in an attack on Parallax. Batman doesn't trust the Lanterns to stop Parallax, but as he tells the Justice League to regroup, a wall of green fire between the heroes and Parallax appears, caused by Jade and Alan Scott, with Alan telling Batman not to interfere.

As the Green Lanterns fly toward Parallax, Kyle tells them that Ganthet said preparations were ready, but didn't elaborate. Hal figures that they can use their rings, which are connected the A.I. on Oa, to tap into the Central Power Battery and send Parallax back there. As the Green Lanterns attack, they each use their own signature methods to strike him: John building restraints to hold Parallax from the inside out; Guy's eagerness to give his will form results in it giving off sparks as he forms a buzzsaw; Kyle's constant sketching and resketching a restraint to keep Parallax's mouth open,; Kilowog's ring making it's signature sonic boom; Hal's precision energy beams in his attacks. Parallax refuses to give in, and causes each Lantern to succumb except Hal Jordan. It tries to goad Hal, saying that he's weak and gave up before. However, Hal refuses to yield, and Parallax practically begs Jordan to give up. Finally, with Parallax's powers weakening, the Green Lanterns separate Parallax from Ganthet, and each absorbs a piece of Parallax into their rings.

On Oa, the Central Power Battery lights up, heralding Parallax's return. Observing, the now adult second-generation of Guardians agree that it is time.

On Earth, the Lanterns approach Ganthet, who rises, saying that they have done well, and returns to Oa. Guy kisses his ring, happy to have it back. Before more celebrations can occur, Kyle points out the assembled superheroes, at the forefront of which is Batman, who appears ready to pick up where they left off. Batman asks if Hal really expects him to believe that he is innocent of what Parallax did, but Hal says that he doesn't expect Batman to believe anything, nor does he care. Batman sarcastically notes that Hal's "back", and John asks if that's a problem, but Batman merely notes that the Universe could use a little more light. At Belle Reeve, Hector Hammond is ecstatic with joy over Hal Jordan's return, and impressed with Kyle Rayner helping to restore him. He also notes how much more fun it will be when "they" arrive.

The next day, at Ferris Aircraft, Hal has explained everything that happened to Carol. He decides that it's time to rebuild his life, and apologizes for everything she suffered because of him. Carol says that she survived, and decides that she is going to keep the airfield and start a family with her husband, and offers Hal a job. Hal declines, but promises that he'll be there if Carol needs him. They embrace, and Carol notes that he isn't cold anymore.

At Star City, Oliver Queen is healing well, but notes that his aim is off by a few millimeters. He has something else of Hal's, saying he got it from his locker after Parallax emerged—his old Power Battery. Ollie notes that he could never remember the Green Lantern oath, but Hal notes that he can never forget it, and charges his ring.

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  • Guy Gardner's ecstatic reaction to Hal punching out Batman refers to Justice League #5, where Batman rendered Gardner unconscious with one punch over his constant disrespect.[1]

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