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Green Lantern M'Ten comes to the aid of a spaceship drifting in space when he is suddenly attacked by a red flame. The pilot, Razer and his comrade, Zillius Pox combine their power to take out M'Ten. Zox manages to defeat M'Ten, but Razer is furious that Zox interfered with his kill. The other "Red

Quote1.png I am Atrocitus, lord and master of the Red Lantern Corps. I'm the one who will destroy the Guardians and all they stand for. I am wrath. I am hate. I am righteous vengeance! Quote2.png

Beware My Power is an episode of season 1 of Green Lantern: The Animated Series. It premiered on November 11, 2011.

Synopsis for "Beware My Power"

Green Lantern M'Ten comes to the aid of a spaceship drifting in space when he is suddenly attacked by a red flame. The pilot, Razer and his comrade, Zillius Pox combine their power to take out M'Ten. Zox manages to defeat M'Ten, but Razer is furious that Zox interfered with his kill. The other "Red Lantern" assures Razer that there will be plenty of kills for everyone thanks to the plan of Atrocitus, their leader. Razer warns Zox that by killing M'Ten, his ring will fly off to find a successor but Zox says they'll kill that Lantern as well and delivers the final blow to M'Ten.

18 months later, ace test pilot, Hal Jordan is testing a new prototype jet through the Californian desert while his boss, Carol Ferris, monitors the flight by radio. Suddenly, an earthquake shakes the area. Carol ducks for cover as Hal activates the auto-pilot and changes into Green Lantern when he spots a collapsing bridge. He manages to save the train but the jet crashes into a mountain. An hour later, Carol is organizing a rescue team to find Hal, when he suddenly shops up at her office. He lies and told her that the earthquake froze the controls and he hiked back. Hal admits he was worried about Carol and leans in to kiss her but Carol stops him since they aren't allowed to have a romantic relationship since she is Hal's boss. But Hal invites her to dinner anyway when his Green Lantern ring goes off. He makes an excuse to Carol that he has to go to the black box from the jet and leaves, much to Carol's disappointment. Hal flies to Oa, home of the Green Lantern Corps, and meets up with Salaak and Kilowog. Kilowog tells Hal to keep it professional as the three of them walk in to meet with the Guardians. Appa Ali Apsa, one of the Guardians, tells Hal that a diplomat filed a complaint against Hal after he punched him. Hal admits he punches the diplomat but tells them that the diplomat was using his diplomatic immunity to run a slave ring. Ganthet, another Guardian, points out that the slave ring has been proven but Appa isn't pleased and warns Ganthet that Hal makes up his own rules.

As Appa continues his argument, M'Ten's ring drops from the sky onto the floor. Salaak recognizes the ring as the Guardians explain that M'Ten is one of the Green Lanterns that patrols the very fringes of the galaxy, outside of the 3,600 sectors where the other Green Lanterns work at. The Frontier Lanterns receive little training and aren't able to be contacted due to the distance and the Guardians have recently been unable to contact many of them. Hal and Salaak offer to investigate the disappearances but Appa warns them that it takes 18 months to travel to the Frontier. Hal grows angry, causing Ganthet to call for a break. He takes Hal and Kilowog through the scenic route to the commissary. He shows them a prototype interceptor spacecraft in the hangar. The ship is powered by green energy and has an advance AI, making it the fastest ship in the galaxy. Hal offers to take the ship to investigate the Frontier disappearances but Ganthet warns them that the Guardians must give permission to a trip, but lets them leave when he sees that the Lanterns know what they must do.

On the Frontier, Green Lantern Shyir Rev investigates a spacecraft crash on an unknown planet when he is suddenly attacked by Zillius Zox and Razer. Shyir creates a sandstorm to distract them while he makes his escape. The two Red Lanterns chase after Shyir while Zox yells at Razer for hesitating.

Back on Oa, Hal sneaks back into the hangar and destroys the robot sentry. Kilowog meets him there and wants to tag along so he can avenge his comrades' deaths. They hop into the Interceptor and find out it is powered by a giant Green Lantern battery. The AI greets them with a female voice, causing Hal to name it Aya. Hal convinces Aya to take them on a joyride. The Guardians are discussing whether to provide the Green Lanterns with more info when they see the Interceptor flying overhead. They fly after it. Hal tells Aya to activate the ultra-warp. Aya tells him that it'll take 42 minutes to be able to do it safely but Hal tells her that Green Lanterns are dying and convinces her to do it prematurely. The Interceptor departs as Ganthet secretly smiles with satisfaction.

When the Interceptor enters the wormhole conduit, it begins to shake due to stress. Hal manually flies the Interceptor out of the conduit as they arrive at the Frontier. Aya detects a nearby power ring under attack so Hal flies the ship to the planet.

Shyir tries to lose the two Red Lanterns by flying into the canyons but the Red Lanterns catch him. Zox orders Razer to deliver the final blow. As Razer prepares to fire, Hal and Kilowog arrive and battle the Red Lanterns as Shyir flies off to safety. The Green and Red Lanterns are equally strong so the Green Lanterns retreat. They find Shyir along the way. Hal decides to hold off the Red Lanterns while Kilowog gets Shyir to the Interceptor. Hal quickly stuns Zox and takes on Razer. But Hal's ring is now low on power and is forced to retreat. Hal uses the last of his energy to create a Green duplicate of himself to distract Razer. Suddenly, Hal's ring runs out of power and changes back into his civilian clothes. Kilowog returns and holds off the Red Lanterns while Hal heads for the Interceptor. Kilowog is quickly defeated by Zox and the two Red Lanterns continue after Hal. Hal leaps off a cliff and lands on the Interceptor's power battery and recites the Green Lantern oath which recharges his ring. Hal then fires a huge laser beam that sends Razer and Zox into space before blacking out from the strain. Hal wakes up on the Interceptor and finds out Kilowog brought him in. Kilowog tells him that Shyir is alive and they're heading back to Oa. Hal refuses to return to Oa and vows to stop the Red Lanterns at any cost.

Later, they receive a transmission from the Guardians. Appa accuses Hal of treason and theft but Hal interrupts him to tell him that Red Lanterns have been killing the Frontier Lanterns. Appa thinks that Hal is lying to cover his butt but Kilowog testifies on Hal's behalf. Kilowog suggests that they return to Oa and gather some Green Lanterns to take on the Red Lanterns. The Guardians agree but Aya tells them that a killer-drone with the symbol that Razer and Zox wore on it. Hal hangs up on Appa and charts an intercept course for the drone. On Oa, the Guardians worries that the truth will come out despite what is written in the Book of Oa. Appa says that since they won, they wrote what is in the book. On the Interceptor, Hal dismisses Kilowog's advice to return to Oa and fires on the drone. The drone returns fire and hits the Interceptor. Hal flies through an asteroid to destroy the drone. Shyir thinks that since the Red Lanterns have a killer-drone, there must be more Red Lanterns. Hal agrees and plots a course for Oa to gather some Green Lanterns. The ultra-warp is unable to activate and Aya tells them there is a hair-line crack in the warp coil, caused by the killer-drone's fire. Hal says it's for the best since the Guardians wouldn't done what needed to be done. Shyir suddenly collapses from his injuries. Kilowog warns Hal that if Shyir doesn't get medical treatment fast, he'll die. Shyir suggests that they go to his nearby home planet. Hal and Kilowog agree as they land the Interceptor on Shyir's planet, unaware that the drone placed a tracking device on the hull of the Interceptor.

Zillius Zox and Razer return to Shard, the remains of Atrocitus's homeworld. Atrocitus yells at them for letting the Green Lanterns escape. Zox blames Razer but Razer says that the Green Lanterns they fought were more trained than the Frontier Lanterns. Atrocitus is unimpressed and warns them that if the Guardians find out about their existence, they'll destroy Shard like they destroyed Atrocitus's homeworld. Razer receives a transmission from the drone saying that they were able to attach a tracking device onto the Interceptor and they can now find the Green Lanterns and kill them.

The Interceptor lands near Shyir's colony and start making repairs to the ship while Biara, Shyir's wife, tends to her husband's injuries. Shyir tells Hal and Kilowog that he's an engineer while his wife is a geologist. He tells them that Biara has mapped out volcanic tunnels in order to provide the colony with power. Shyir's daughter, Amala comes to greet her father and they embrace before Biara sends Amala to bed. Kilowog goes to look around the planet and tells Shyir that it reminds him of his homeworld, Bolovax Vik and Shyir remembers that the planet was destroyed. Shyir apologizes to Kilowog for his lose and Hal overhears the conversation and asks Kilowog what happened to his planet. Kilowog though prefers to focus on the mission. Aya tells the Green Lanterns that she found a tracking device on the hull. Hal destroys it but Shard enters the planet's atmosphere and Atrocitus deploys a fortress unit on the planet's local volcano. Atrocitus tells them that they are under his "protection" now and that if they don't turn over the Green Lanterns in an hour, he'll blow up the planet.

Shyir is ready to turn himself in to save his colony but Kilowog tells him that he'll destroy the planet anyway once Atrocitus gets what he wants. Hal vows to fight these Red Lanterns and convinces Shyir and Kilowog to join him. The three Green Lanterns get ready to charge the fortress but Biara offers to show them another way to get to the fortress. An hour later, Atrocitus tells Razer to start the countdown sequence to trust his loyalty. Razer hesitates, claiming that the colonists are innocent. Atrocitus tells him he wants to make an example out of those who defy him. Atrocitus then calls Razer weak, causing Razer to activate the countdown sequence to show Atrocitus that he's not weak. Hal arrives outside of the fortress and taunts them. Atrocitus and Zox fly after them while Razer guards the bomb. Hal easily defeats Zox but Atrocitus battles him on top of the fortress. Atrocitus overwhelms Hal, swearing vengeance on the Guardians and the Green Lanterns.

Kilowog and Shyir follow Biara's map that leads them underneath the fortress. They cut a hole in the floor where the bomb is, but are suddenly attacked by Razer. Atrocitus's rage and experience continues to overwhelm Hal as Atrocitus beats the Green Lantern. Kilowog battles Razer while Shyir deactivates the bomb. During their fight, Razer claims that the Guardians are responsible for destroying worlds and blames them for what he's doing now. Kilowog counters by saying that Razer is the one destroying worlds and asks Razer for help in deactivating the bomb. Razer believes they're lying but hesitates, giving Kilowog a chance to knock him out of the fortress. Razer is about to return to fight but flies away when he hears that the bomb will go off in thirty seconds.

Atrocitus defeats Hal and slams him onto the floor. Atrocitus then flies back to Shard with Zox, leaving Hal behind. Hal gets up and flies after them. The countdown reaches zero and a laser trigger fires at the bomb's core to activate it. Shyir blocks the laser from reaching the core with his ring. He tells Kilowog to leave and get his people off the planet before it's too late. Kilowog tells him that it was an honor to serve by his side and flies off to save Shyir's people. Razer flies back into the room and tells Shyir that he's stupid for staying behind when there's no hope. Shyir tells him that there's always hope and that he's not bad and tells him to leave before the bomb goes off. Razer flies off as Shyir's ring dies down and the bomb detonates.

In space, Hal watches the planet explode as the blast sweeps over him. On Shard, Atrocitus watches the planet blow up with satisfaction. He tells Zox that he was wrong about Razer and says that with the death of the Green Lanterns, they can continue on to conquer the galaxy. Hal recovers from the blast and begins looking for Kilowog. Razer attacks him from the flying debris and tells him that Shyir and Kilowog are dead. Hal defeats Razer and Razer tells him to end it. Hal almost kills Razer, but stops himself and tells Razer that he's going to deal with the consequences for what he's done and make up for it. Razer grows angry and attacks Hal, calling him a coward. Hal manages to swipe Razer's ring from him, reverting him to normal. Kilowog arrives with the colonists, saying that he saved them at the last second. He asks Hal for help but Aya arrives in the Interceptor and transfers some green energy to the transport construct to keep the colonists save. Hal and Kilowog watch as Shyir's ring flies by them to find a successor.

Hal, Kilowog, and Aya get the colonists to a new planet for them to settle in. Biara tells them that the planet will be named after her husband. Hal assures Amala that her father was a brave man. Biara then leaves with Amala. Kilowog tells Hal that he was able to save the colonists, the thing that he would've done for his people if he could. The two Lanterns board the Interceptor and they wonder what they should do with Razer, who is powerless and held up in a cell aboard the Interceptor.

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  • Frontier Space (First appearance)
  • Earth (First appearance)
  • Oa (First appearance)
  • Demrax 7 (Mentioned only)
  • Bolovax Vik (Mentioned only)
  • Colony 12 (Single appearance) (Destroyed)
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