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Quote1.png When next we gather, it will be at the graves of other than I... those dead who must arise one final time to know their rest... and then my light will shine. For I am the Green Lantern. Quote2.png
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Green Lantern is a mysterious superhero fighting with the Secret Six and the Outsiders.


On Earth-9, sometime after the death of the second Atom, there was a sudden wave of superhuman champions. Among them was the occult heroine known as the Green Lantern. There are many stories about her origins but the three most popular are:

  1. The first is that she was the murdered adventurer and archaeologist Lois Lane, her body dumped in the Atlantic where Florida used to be. It is unknown what happened next, some say she was found by mermaids or maybe angels, but either way those who died there brought her back to life and gave her the abilities she currently possesses.
  2. The second one insists that a pair of twin sisters one good and one evil fought a battle over mystical powers. The good sister won and placed the mystical power in the lantern, and then she dedicated herself to fighting that which made those dead suffer.
  3. The third one says that she was the Sorceress Zatanna, who was sent on a mission by the Dark Circle of Magicians to find the lantern. After many years when she finally did find it, the pirate Jason Blood who had the lantern for centuries simply gave it to her.

Lost Lantern

The power to interact with the spirits of the damned brought the Green Lantern into contact with other heroes from her world. Together, they fought to save as many lives as possible during the realities-shifting event known as the Infinite Crisis. Shortly after the Crisis had passed, Green Lantern left her reality for the reality of New Earth. There, she met another chosen "Keeper of the Flame" – Kyle Rayner, who was currently known as Ion.[1][2]

When Superman took control of the world, the Green Lantern continued her duties much as she always had. However, as a side-effect of the events of Infinite Crisis, (and the re-emergence of the Earth-97 lantern) her lantern was lost, and she began to age at an enhanced rate. As she lost her magic powers, she was forced to resort to begging to feed herself, and her fellow heroes lost faith in her judgment.[3]

Lantern Returned

However, when Lia Nelson was trapped on New Earth, she used the lantern to return to Earth-9. The lantern reappeared in the Green Lantern's custodial graveyard. Revitalized by the lantern, she regained her former powers and was reunited with Lia to enlist Wally West and John Stewart of New Earth in her plans to reconnect with the Secret Six. After reuniting with the Six, Green Lantern teleported the Justice League, who were trying to contact West and Stewart, to her universe. Immediately afterward Green Lantern helped in providing an escape for herself, Batman, and Spectre to escape from Powergirl, who subdued and captured the other heroes. She and her allies were then contacted by Sir William and offered an alliance as the Outsiders, which they agreed.[4]

Green Lantern and the Outsiders led an assault on Superman's base in Switzerland to rescue the captured heroes but to discover that the tyrant and his allies had traveled to New Earth and planned to conquer that universe. Green Lantern used her power in bridging the Outsiders and the Justice League back to New Earth through Green Lantern Guy Gardner where they teamed up with the New Earth Superman in stopping his counterpart. The heroes eventually saw to defeating Dent in which Green Lantern, and with the combined help from the New Earth Green Lanterns, banished and imprisoned Dent and his allies back to their universe.[5]


  • Power Loss: When Green Lantern is not holding her lantern she begins to age at an accelerated rate.


  • Green Lantern: Green Lantern uses an old-fashioned Chinese Lantern suspended from a hook. A corona of green mist surrounds the lantern offset by the glowing, green light of the lantern itself.

  • Green Lantern was originally designed to be "unique and very, very old" as intended by Dan Jurgens. By Tangent: Superman's Reign #1, Green Lantern's elderly appearance came to be after losing her lantern on New Earth.
  • Green Lantern is also known as Goddess of the Dead,Lady of the Lantern and Keeper of the Lantern.


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