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"Exposure Therapy": On New Korugar, three yellow rings are detected entering the planet's orbit, refusing all hails. The yellow blast impacts on the surface, and Sinestro tends to the visitor: Jessica Cruz, wielding a

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Quote1.png When I put on this ring, I wasn't planning on keeping it. I was afraid to even use it. I was so scared of the damage I might cause with this kind of power... I couldn't imagine how much good I could do. Quote2.png
Jessica Cruz

Green Lantern 2021 Annual (Volume 6) #1 is an issue of the series Green Lantern 2021 Annual (Volume 6) with a cover date of November, 2021. It was published on September 7, 2021.

Synopsis for "Exposure Therapy"

On New Korugar, three yellow rings are detected entering the planet's orbit, refusing all hails. The yellow blast impacts on the surface, and Sinestro tends to the visitor: Jessica Cruz, wielding a yellow ring and holding three members of the Sinestro Corps as prisoners. Wearing Lyssa Drak's ring on her hand, and the two other yellow rings, along with her powerless green ring, hanging from her neck, Jessica returns the prisoners to Sinestro's custody. However, Lyssa manages to break her chains and, even without a power ring, uses it's energy to defeat Jessica, taking off her ring and battery. After days of sustained space travel, the former Green Lantern falls unconscious.

When Jessica wakes up, Sinestro acknowledges her ability to hold her own against none other than Lyssa Drak, his second-in-command. Thaal and Jess sit down with a Yellow Power Battery between them, and she hands the ring back to him, saying she doesn't "get off on scaring other people." To that, Sinestro replies that he doesn't either, that his goal in life is to bring peace and light to the universe, "one candle at a time," using fear as the "universal, primordial power understood by good and evil alike." Still, Jessica insists that she's afraid of what she could do with the ring, and she asks Sinestro to let her go home. Again, her only means of transport right now is the yellow ring, so Sinestro doesn't give her another choice than to accept it.

Donning her new yellow uniform, Jessica takes off to space. She commands the ring to show her the closest source of fear, and the ring guides her to a damaged refugee ship fleeing from Oa on a collision course to Earth's Moon. Using the new abilities from the ring, Jessica feels the captain's fear and deems him not fit to lead the ship through this crisis, and puts his first officer in command. She then uses the fear to convince the rioting people to work together and solve this problem. Suddenly, she gets attacked by a Green Lantern, none other than Hal Jordan. The two lanterns recognize each other and stop their attacks. Feeling stabbed in the back, Hal snaps at Jessica, not understanding how she got a yellow ring. Jess explains that she only took it to fly home, and that she's trying to help the ship's crew. At that moment, the cruiser changes course to a new flight path. Jessica feels something is off, and her suspicions turn out to be true when she finds out that the first officer, along with the hired security, were actually mercenary thugs planning to crash the ship on Earth and bail out in the escape pods filled with smuggled goods. With their feint discovered, both Lanterns lock up the mercenaries and put the rest of the crew in order, returning the captain to his rightful spot.

Hal and Jessica leave the ship, but Hal is still unsure on what to do with her. Jessica realizes that there's so much good she can do with her new ring, just like with her previous one, or maybe more. She convinces Hal to return to Earth and use the remaining of his power ring energy to protect it, instead of waste it in a one-way trip to take her prisoner to Oa. Both Lanterns part ways, wishing each other luck. With her home right in front of her, Jessica's ring nears its limit, with enough energy for three days of spaceflight. She decides to go in another direction.

Back on New Korugar, Jessica speaks to Sinestro again, realizing that he intentionally sent her on that course to convince her to keep the ring. Jessica grabs the Power Battery Sinestro gave her, and she tells him that she'll never swear his oath. Sinestro asks her how she would like to proceed, and she replies, as her ring touches the battery, "one candle at a time."

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