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"A Lantern Against the Dark": ===Chapter One: Apokolips Then===

Quote1.png I have always found fear to be more formidable a weapon than force of will, off-worlder. Quote2.png

Green Lantern 80-Page Giant #3 is an issue of the series Green Lantern 80-Page Giant (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2000.

Synopsis for "A Lantern Against the Dark"

Chapter One: Apokolips Then

1,346.72 years previous, a Manhunter android travel to the planet Apokolips to bring order. However, the justice of the Guardians of the Universe is not welcome by the Apokoliptians and the Manhunter is torn apart by the Lowlies. The android's remains are disposed in the fire pits and its Green Lantern is personally destroyed by Darkseid.

Chapter Two: A Twice Told Tale

On the Watchtower, Kyle Rayner begins his training with Orion. Afterwards, Orion comments about the Green Lantern Corps and even mention that a Corpsman nearly humbled Darkseid. Kyle is intrigued and Orion offers to bring him to New Genesis to hear this story from Metron. But while in transit via Boom Tube they are ripped to Apokolips by DeSaad.

Chapter Three: Darkness Visible

945.09 years ago, the Guardians of the Universe are concerned of Apokolips after sending their Green Lantern, Kendotha Kr'nek, there hasn't return, alive. But the Guardians decide to save their concerns for Apokolips later as they have more pressing matters on the activities of the Empire of Tears.

In the present, Kyle and Orion flee from Darkseid's soldiers. After making themselves scarce, Kyle slingshots Orion's Mother Box into space with a distress message to the Justice League. They are then surprise to encounter Raker Qarrigat, a Green Lantern who has been living on Apokolips for years.

Chapter Four: The Underground Man

Raker reacts in disbelieving despair upon learning from Kyle that the Corps and Guardians are no more. He breaks out of his grieving when Darkseid's forces are on to them, and takes the heroes to his secret hideout. Kyle explains to Raker of how he and Orion got to Apokolips and is quick to figure out that Raker is the Green Lantern who fought on Apokolips. Raker digress that he did came to liberate this horrible world from Darkseid and begins his tale.

Years ago the Corps was only a handful of Lanterns when Raker was dispatch to Apokolips. Raker fought his way to confront Darkseid. The dark lord of Apokolips is unimpressed by Raker's threats and effortlessly crushed his hand and ring. Darkseid let Raker return to Oa to tell of his failure. His destroyed ring was then examine by DeSaad.

Chapter Five: Three-Thousand and Six-Hundred

Raker tried to warn the Guardians about Darkseid and that the Corps cannot beat him. But the Guardians are unfazed by Darkseid's threat and decide to expand the Corps and lead them into war. Within two years, the Corps consist of 3,600, one for each sector of charted space. Raker lead a group of Lanterns that he had drilled for their attack on Apokolips. However, Darkseid was prepared. After studying Raker's destroyed ring, DeSaad learned about the power ring's weakness to the yellow spectrum and had Darkseid's forces given yellow coating.

Chapter Six: Surrender

The Lanterns were utterly decimated. Those taken as prisoners were tortured, killed, then their bodies were displayed as a warning to those who opposed Darkseid. Raker and the surviving Lanterns, cut off from recharging, used Apokoliptian weaponry to launch a desperate attack on Darkseid. The attack was interrupted by the Guardians, who had come to offer a truce with Darkseid much to Raker's shock. The Guardians realized that Apokolips is so far removed from the galactic core they policed and Darkseid is better off ruling his world. Darkseid agreed that as long as the Corps do not oppose his rule he would not interfere in their patrolled sectors...but on one condition: Raker is to remain on Apokolips as his prisoner.

Chapter Seven: Wolf in the Fold

Raker's hideout is discovered and forcing the three to flee once again. But they wind up in a Parademon hatchery. The situation worsen when Kyle's ring loses power. Raker holds off the Parademons and as well revealing that he has a power ring all along; since his banishment he was secretly given back his ring by his trainee Ash-Pak-Glif. The Justice League soon arrive after they have receive Orion's Mother Box and rescues Kyle and Orion, who are forced to leave Raker behind.


Back on the Watchtower, Kyle reflects on the "lost Green Lantern" and wonders how Raker is able to recharge his ring without a power battery. Back on Apokolips it is then reveal that Raker's battery is his own willpower driven by his desire to help the Hunger Dogs.

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  • This issue is dedicated to Gil Kane, one of the brightest lights that ever shined.


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