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"The Gathering": In Space Sector 1417, Tarkus Whin, the newly appointed Lantern for the sector, heads Star 1417.196, on the outer limit of his sector. It's about to nova, and Whin must evacuate the fourth planet before it does. Though he assumed that he had a few days, the star novas before his

Quote1.png You're all just rookiees right now. Rookies who have all been chosen to serve, protect, and obey. You've been recruited like others have for millennia cuz you all have the potential ta overcome fear. After I'm finished with ya, some of you might do just that...and some of ya might be able to learn how to use those power rings. Some of you might even get to be one of the sventy two hundred who will protect the universe as agents of the Guardians of the Universe. Yep, some of you might become members of the Green Lantern Corps. Then again, some of you might not. Any questions? Quote2.png

Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1 is an issue of the series Green Lantern Corps: Recharge (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2005. It was published on September 21, 2005.

Synopsis for "The Gathering"

In Space Sector 1417, Tarkus Whin, the newly appointed Lantern for the sector, heads Star 1417.196, on the outer limit of his sector. It's about to nova, and Whin must evacuate the fourth planet before it does. Though he assumed that he had a few days, the star novas before his very eyes, and immediately forms into a black hole. As Whin struggles to keep himself from getting sucked in, a voice says "we have him". Moments late, Whin's power ring issues a status report confirming his death and initiates a scan to find a replacement Lantern.

On Earth, outside of Edwards Airforce Base, Captain Hal "Highball" Jordan is flying a fighter, performing a test. Suddenly, he finds Guy Gardner flying beside him. As Hal doesn't wear his ring when he flies, Guy forms a microphone to communicate with him, explaining that he got a message to head to Oa on orders of the Guardians. Hal had already been to Oa, and Kilowog informed him that he and John were the Lanterns for Sector 2814. Guy flies off to meet up with Kyle, who is also heading to Oa. At the Watchtower, Kyle is explaining to the Justice League that he is heading for Oa, and is asking John to take his place. Superman, Wonder Woman, and J'onn wish him well, and John reminds Kyle something Kilowog told them: "everyone is someone's alien". The touching moment is ruined when Batman notices that Guy has also come to offer his goodbyes—specifically, he's mooning Batman. Much to Kyle's chagrin, he quickly takes off and lectures Guy on his attitude. Guy blows it off, telling him that Kyle'll be grateful that he's with him.

On Korugar, Doctor Soranik Natu is performing a delicate neurosurgery when a green light fills the room. Angered that it's interfering with her operation, she reacts with horror when she realizes that it's a Green Lantern Ring which has selected her to join the Green Lantern Corps. Natu rejects the ring as the weapon of Sinestro the Wicked and Katma Tui the lost, but when her patient begins to destabilize, she uses the ring to save his life, to the horror of her colleagues. On Rann, soldier Vath Sarn is ordered to break out and get reinforcements for his squad, under siege from a Thanagarian force, when the building they're in is destroyed by Thanagarian mortar fire. A power ring then appears and inducts him into the Corps. Sarn tries to use it to kill the attacking Thanagarians, but all it will do is destroy their weapons. Then ring then takes him away to Oa. Elsehwere on Rann, a prison ship is carrying prisoners to execution. Isamot Kol, one of the prisoners, is telling a man convicted of rape that he killed his superior officer when he wanted to surrender to the Rannians. After his unit defeated the Rannians, his squadmates tried to brush off the murder as an accident, but Kol told the truth as honesty is part of his code. As the ship lands, Kol is the first to be executed by beheading, but a ring stops the axe, inducting him into the Corps. Kol uses the ring to free himself, disarm his jailers, and leaves, telling the rapist he is getting what he deserves.

Arriving on Oa, Kyle and Guy find that the Corps recruitment drive is in overdrive, and three hundred new Lanterns have arrived. A number of veterans have also been returned their rings, and the Lanterns report to the Corps hall, where Kilowog introduces himself and what they'll be doing. During a Q&A session, Soranik Natu demands to now how to leave the Corps. Salakk, newly appointed Keeper of the Book of Oa, tells her of three ways: Resigning, the way of a failure, Dying, the way of honor, or both, the way of a fool. Natu opts for the first one and takes off, saying that Corps has done terrible things to Korugar. The veterans believe she's making a mistake, but Guy Gardner of all people sympathizes with her, saying he can understand her anger after everything Sinestro did, saying it was the same with Katma Tui. Kyle, however, says she isn't angry but afraid.

Getting back to business, Salakk informs Guy that he'll be assisting Kilowog in training the new Lanterns. Guy angrily flies off to see the Guardians. Breaking down the door, he tells the Guardians that teaching rookies isn't what he's meant for. The Guardians react calmly, informing the "caveman" that if he performs his duties well, he may receive a new position. Kyle enters and tries a more diplomatic approach, and is much better received by the Guardians, the not to mention the fact that he was both the torchbearer and responsible for their resurrection. Dismissing the Lanterns, the Guardians take stock of the affairs of the Universe: The Rann-Thanagar War is spreading to other sectors, and more groups are becoming involved, including the Guardians old enemies, the Psions. The Guardians also track Natu's departure, but suddenly note that her signal has disappeared. Natu soon finds herself in a dark place, looking at Tarkus Whin's skeletal remains, repeating to herself that she is not afraid.

Guy is preparing to leave Oa, but Kilowog stops him, saying that he needs his help, and the rookies need the best there is to help them train. Guy notices that Kilowog almost seems scared, and Kilowog admits that he is, because the universe is about to change.

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