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"Stardeath": At the Spider Guild nest, the underlings observe the invasion of Oa, noting that this is the first time the Guild Fathers have lest the nest to oversee an assault.

Quote1.png Listen up. We're the Green Lantern Corps. We're the best team in the universe. If we believe in each other, if we trust in each other, if we conquer fear... we're unstoppable. Together, we can turn all this around. But first, there's something we gotta do. Our power's gotta match our will. So together now, rings forward, and -- Recharge! Quote2.png
Guy Gardner

Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #5 is an issue of the series Green Lantern Corps: Recharge (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2006. It was published on January 18, 2006.

Synopsis for "Stardeath"

At the Spider Guild nest, the underlings observe the invasion of Oa, noting that this is the first time the Guild Fathers have lest the nest to oversee an assault.

On Oa, Salakk, Brik, and Torquemada lead the Green Lanterns in their defense against the Guild. However, the rookies still haven't gotten over the yellow impurity. Fortunately, help soon arrives in the form of Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Meeting up with Salakk, they see Guy Gardner's group exit transluminal travel inside Oa's atmosphere, far closer than allowed. The three meet up with the group as Guy tells Kilowog to send a message over his ring for the Green Lanterns to gather around Central Power Battery, a move Salakk deems unwise. Kilowog sends out the order, only for his ring to finally drain, but the message was received. Once the Green Lanterns assemble at the Battery, Guy orders them to recharge their rings. Reciting the Oath, Guy explains what is going on: the Spider Guild is trying to collapse Oa's sun and absorb its energy back into the nest, so they need to stabilize the sun and destroy the nest, which is controlling the Spiers here. Salakk denounces Guy's actions as mutiny, but Kyle, Hal, John, and Kilowog agree, along with the rest of the Corps. Salakk reluctantly agrees to join in, but only for the Corps.

As the Green Lanterns fire at the sun, the rookies believe that they cannot affect it as it's a yellow star, but the veterans urge them accept their fears and overcome them. Worse, the spiders continue to attack, and the Lanterns can only get them away from other Lanterns with their hands, as their rings are still channeling energy. The plan begins to work, as the sun is fed back to the Spider Guild, overloading it. The Spider Guild nest begins to suffer from the explosions, while the Spider underlings feel their nest brothers deaths. Finally, the Spider Guild nest in Vega explodes, leaving only instinct controlled spider drones left. With the major threat passed, the Green Lanterns start with the task of eliminating the last of the Spider Guild.

After the battle, the Green Lanterns have won, but not without cost. Hal and Kilowog praise Guy for his plan, while Salakk informs Guy that the Guardians have promoted to Lantern One of the Green Lantern Honor Guard, a new section of the Corps which will be able to move about freely from sector to sector assisting other Lanterns in need. However, Guy's actions have also bordered on mutiny, so the Guardians have revoked all Earth shore leave for one year. Kyle tells Salakk to remove his as well, saying he did the same as Guy, and would do so again.

A short distance away, Soranik Natu oversees a wounded Lantern, and tells him that he'll be fit for duty in two days. The rookie fears what will happen to Oa without a sun, but Soranik, Isamot Kol, and Vath Sarn vow to rebuild.

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