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The Green Lantern Corps was an galactic peacekeeping organization founded by the Guardians of the Universe. Centuries ago, the Corps was nearly wiped out by the robotic Manhunters and the surviving Lanterns went into hiding. By the modern day, the Corps was reborn through the actions of Harold Jordan.


The Green Lantern Corps was founded by the Guardians of the Universe as an organization of peacekeepers to police the galaxy. Overtime however, the Guardians grew concerned that the Green Lanterns are becoming too independent and planned to replace them with an army of robots called Manhunters. Unfortunately, the Manhunters turned against the Guardian, killing all but a single survivor who fled to an alternate dimension. The robots captured the Central Power Battery, depriving the power of the green rings, and systematically wiping out the depowered Green Lanterns. What remained of the Green Lanterns were left scattered and fled into hiding while the galaxy fell under the tyranny of the Manhunters.

Centuries later, the Corps was reborn when a Earth human Harold Jordan discovered a power ring and began a journey of reuniting the remaining Green Lanterns and stopping the Manhunters. Jordan rediscovered the Central Power Battery and delivered a distress call to all remaining ring bearers to rally on Oa, where they recharged their rings and destroyed the majority of the Manhunters on the planet. The reborn Corps elected Arisia Rrab as their leader and began their campaign of liberating the galaxy from the surviving Manhunters.

Within the next three years, the Corps was successful in routing the Manhunters until the androids were unexpectedly destroyed by the enigmatic Yellow Lantern Corps led by the last Guardian of the Universe. The Corps were offered by the Guardian to join forces with his Yellow Lantern Corps to allegedly restore order and peace to the galaxy. Arisia Rrab declined the Guardian's offer as she and her allies did not trust the Guardian's agenda. However, several Green Lanterns willingly joined the Yellow Lantern Corps. Eventually, the Green Lanterns came into conflict with the Yellow Lanterns when it was learned too late that the Guardian had carefully orchestrated in public discrediting the Green Lanterns by sowing chaos on planets defended by the Green Lanterns and turning the public's attention to the Yellow Lanterns. The Corps was dealt a sudden blow when the Guardian transported the Central Power Battery to the Qwardian dimension, allowing the Yellow Lanterns to gradually eliminate the powerless Green Lanterns. Fortunately, the former Green Lanterns who joined the Yellow Lanterns returned to help the Corps after growing disgusted with the Guardian's insidious plans, as the Corps and their allies worked together in stopping the Guardian from carrying out his plans to rewrite reality.

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