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The Green Lantern Corps is a universal police force and embodiment of willpower.


The Book of Oa has always allowed Lanterns to use lethal force without restraint or previous indication of having been restrained.[1] Another notable difference is the presence of many older members of the Corps who had been killed either by Hal Jordan influenced by Parallax, or by events that preceded Parallax. Their existence, along with the lack of existence of newer members indicates the history of the Corps is significantly different from that of the New Earth GLC.

After failing to negotiate with Superman to cease his ruthless rule over Earth, Ganthet calls all Green Lanterns back to Oa in order to mount a full-scale assault on Earth. This action also brought the attention of the Sinestro Corps, who allied with Superman's Regime. A fierce war was fought in which the Green Lanterns were severely defeated after Superman, augmented by a Yellow Power Ring, pushed Mogo and Ganthet into Earth's sun. Leaderless and with their strongest members dead, the remaining lanterns fled back to Oa, unable to recoup losses. The surviving Green Lanterns that were left stranded on Earth were imprisoned in The Trench for two years until they were freed by Plastic Man.[2]. These lanterns would eventually find their way back to Oa and would help oversee the trial of Hal Jordan after the Regime was finally toppled.

Trouble soon arises, however, when Atrocitus's Red Lanterns, still hunting Sinestro, attack the prison colony at Harring. The outnumbered prison wardens are able to take Sinestro back to Oa before forming a defensive perimeter around the planet. To their shock, Hal returns to try and warn them of Atrocitus's secret weapon but is too late the Red Lanterns' attack soon commences. Many of the Green Lanterns, including the accompanying guardian, Sayd, are possessed by Starro's spores and they eventually damage the Power Battery of the Green Lanterns. At this critical moment, the lanterns finally relent to the emergency and allow Hal Jordan and Sinestro to rejoin the Corps and being forced to recruit Lobo for help as well.

Thanks to their efforts and Sinestro's sacrifice, the Lanterns are eventually able to rescue their possessed members and force Atrocitus's forces to scatter.

During Injustice 2, Doctor Fate briefly mentions the slaughter of the Green Lantern Corps as one of the key factors that led to Brainiac's interest on Earth.



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