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The status of the Green Lantern Corps remained unchanged by the "New 52" Flashpoint series. As of 2011, Sinestro is still an unwilling Green Lantern, Hal remains exiled (although he has been forced to assist Sinestro's activities with a ring created and powered by Sinestro) while Kyle has gone AWOL

Quote1 In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight!
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!
Green Lantern Corps Oathsrc

The Green Lantern Corps are an intergalactic police force created by the Guardians of the Universe harnessing the green power of Will. The Guardians additionally have Lantern Corps members in parts of the Invisible Spectrum, such as Krkkzz Zappl, the Radio Lantern.


Rise of the Third Army

The status of the Green Lantern Corps remained unchanged by the "New 52" Flashpoint series. As of 2011, Sinestro is still an unwilling Green Lantern, Hal remains exiled (although he has been forced to assist Sinestro's activities with a ring created and powered by Sinestro) while Kyle has gone AWOL alongside six members of the other Lantern Corps. John was recently forced to kill a Green Lantern named Kirrt Kallak, who was about to give in to torture the access codes to the Oan defense network from the Keepers. Guy remains the only main character with a stable position in the Corps. The Guardians currently consider the Green Lantern Corps a failure. They are planning to replace it with a mysterious "Third Army", which will be led by the equally mysterious "First Lantern". The Third Army consists of beings with no free will that are made out of the Guardians' bio-tissue. The First Lantern is a being who was imprisoned and kept under guard by the older Guardians because he was deemed too dangerous to leave free. Sinestro gave Hal Jordan a temporary ring to help him out on missions, but the Guardians attacked them and both rings merged into a single, faulty one. It mistakenly concluded that Sinestro and Jordan were dead, so it went in search of a new Lantern named Simon Baz. Simon Baz is a Muslim-American Green Lantern first shown in Green Lantern #0 (vol. 5). The Guardians command the Third Army to destroy the Green Lanterns. B'dg of Sector 1014, who was sent by Salakk, says that some Green Lanterns have discovered the Guardians' true intentions. Meanwhile, Green Lantern Sentinel Guy Gardner is assisting a ship as a peace treaty with warring planets. This is interrupted when he learns that his mortal enemy Xar is freed. Unbeknownst to Guy, Xar was freed by the Guardians. Guy takes half of the Lanterns with him away from the mission in order to keep his family safe, but they are met by members of the Third Army. The Third Army kills all of the Lanterns with Guy, including Lantern Vandor. Guy escapes, but only to be reprimanded and removed from the Corps, although he rejoined the Green Lantern Corps after finding out about the plot from the Guardians of the Universe. Meanwhile, Green Lantern John Stewart is on a mission to gather all of the pieces of the deceased, sentient planet known as Mogo, in the hopes that Mogo can then restore himself. This succeeds, and Mogo is reborn. The Guardians had planned on assimilating the reformed Mogo into the Third Army. Mogo quickly defeated this division of the Third Army. The rest of the Green Lantern Corps discovered that the Guardians had turned against them, so the Corps join the New Guardians and Atrocitus' Manhunters to help them fight. During the fight with the Third Army and the Guardians, the Guardians draw so much energy from Volthoom that he breaks free of containment. Volthoom says that everything the Guardians have created will be no more, and that the universe will be his once again.

Wrath of the First Lantern

When Volthoom is freed, he teleports to the planet Maltus and imprisons the Guardians. While Volthoom is in a weakened state, he begins to drain the Lanterns and other present beings of their emotions, minds, and memories. He intends to examine their lives in order to restore his emotional powers. He alters their memories while doing so, apparently because he wants them to suffer.Among those that suffered these invasive processes: Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Fatality, Carol Ferris, Larfleeze, Saint Walker and Atrocitus. Later, Volthoom destroys Sinestro's home planet of Korugar by draining the Korugarian's of their emotions. Sinestro survives the encounter and vows to kill Volthoom, as he became a member of the Sinestro Corps. Volthoom then returns to Oa to drain the rest of the green Lantern Corps, but Mogo shields them with dirt and stone so they may escape from Volthoom's powers. Mogo then rallies the Green Lantern Corps to fight against Volthoom. The Green Lantern Corps and most of the other reserve Corps try to destroy Volthoom, but he easily manages to defeat the Corps. Then the Indigo Tribe appears. They open the Dead Zone portal from which hordes of undead, led by a Black Lantern Hal Jordan, emerge to attack Volthoom. Volthoom manages to destroy the army and drain Black Lantern Hal. Before Volthoom can unleash his full power, he is thwarted by Sinestro, who has become the new host of Parallax. Volthoom gains the upper hand, saying that he is more powerful than God. Then Black Lantern Hal proceeds to summon Nekron. He reduces Volthoom's emotional powers to a normal human state. Nekron slays Volthoom with his scythe for good, causing him to explode into rays of light. After the battle is over, Hal is saved from the Black Lantern ring and becomes a Green Lantern again. He goes after Sinestro, who intends to kill the Guardians for everything they have done to him, to Korugar, and to the Universe at large. By the time Hal catches up, Sinestro reveals that Hal is too late. The Guardians are dead. Later though, Sinestro meets in secret with ex-Guardians Ganthet and Sayd. He exiles them from Oa, but chooses to spare their lives since they had no involvement in Korugar's destruction.


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