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The Green Lantern Corps was created after a dying Abin Sur crash landed on Earth.


Lex Luthor retreived his Green Lantern Ring and under President John F. Kennedy's personal permission got to work on reverse-engineering it so it could be used against the Soviet Premier Superman.

Colonel Hal Jordan was chosen as the test subject and in time a whole Lantern Corps was created to serve the nation. Sometime after Luthor became President, he decided to deploy the Corps and take down Superman. They were however intercepted by the Soviet Premier as Brainiac had already warned him of their oncoming attack.

The fight between Superman and the Green Lanterns was interrupted by Wonder Woman, who pleaded both sides to stop fighting. Diana's attempts at persuading Superman failed however and she left, leaving both sides to resume the battle. Superman successfuly incapicated everyone of them and finally decided that invading the United States was the only option left.




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