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"Secret Identities": The Kalmaku family has disappeared from the GL

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Synopsis for "Secret Identities"

The Kalmaku family has disappeared from the GL Citadel, so Green Lantern Hal Jordan goes in search of them, accompanied by the cynical Celia Windward. Not finding the Kalmakus at home, they go to the Ferris Aircraft plant, where an employee, Mr. Donahue, tells GL that he witnessed Tom Kalmaku' s theft of the company's Solar Jet. No sooner does Green Lantern depart than company head Mr. Smith, now known to be a Manhunter, murders Donahue, then has a plane prepared to follow GL. Trailing the Kalmakus to Tom's and Tegra's birthplace, Alaska, Hal tries to convince his friend to rejoin the Chosen, but Tom has put his family responsibilities first, and wants no part of the Oans' plan. Before the two can argue further, Mr. Smith arrives in full Manhunter regalia, and challenges GL to combat. They battle to the edge of space and back, and Smith appears victorious, until a rock thrown by Celia distracts the Manhunter long enough for Green Lantern to fight back and ultimately defeat him. Despite her doubts of the Oans, Celia is now convinced that the Manhunters' evil must be opposed. As for Tom, he and his family agree to return with GL and Celia. Meanwhile, Kilowog, desiring revenge for the murder of his people, confronts their killer, Sinestro, held prisoner by the Green Lanterns on the moon. Arisia follows him and fights to prevent him from murdering the renegade GL, but although Kilowog overcomes her, he regretfully refrains from executing the villain at the last moment. Arisia and Kilowog return to Earth, agreeing that Sinestro will be tried for his crimes once the Millennium Project is completed.


  • This issue is a "Millennium" Week Three tie-in issue.


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The events from this issue are related to Millennium, a 1988 crossover event spanning through all DC Titles, in which the Guardians of the Universe left and Earth was put in danger by the robotic Manhunter Cult.

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