""Diversions"": The female members of the Chosen having departed

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The female members of the Chosen having departed with the other super-heroes, the Green Lantern Corps prepares to escort the male contingent on their return to the outside world. Tom Kalmaku, however, declines their invitation, and decides to remain behind. Takeo Yakata and the Floronic Man elect to accompany John and Katma Stewart and Hal Jordan to visit their respective families, while Gregorio de la Vega accompanies Arisia and Kil- owog to the moon to check on their prisoner, Sinestro, then to a baseball game in Peru. While the decidedly odd trio of Earth's familiar Green Lantern, the Floronic Man (who now calls himself "Floro"), and Driq share a typical California afternoon with Hal's brothers Jack and Jim and the latter's family, a tornado suddenly appears, which the two Emerald Crusaders swiftly neutralize. In Detroit, as the married GLs and Takeo visit John's mother, an earthquake strikes, and the Green Lanterns counter its effects and rescue its victims. Then, in Peru, the basball game is menaced by a rain of fire, which Kilowog and Arisia halt. As a result of having unleashed these threats, Myrwhydden, the diminutive evil wizard, is able to escape his prison cell on the planet Oa. Myrwhydden then appears in California to briefly baffle Hal and Driq, then in Detroit to skirmish with John and Katma, but by the time he materializes in Peru, Arisia and Kilowog have been warned by Hal, and have sent their energy-twin forms to Oa to investigate the mage's escape. Joining forces and logically examining the pattern of Myrwhydden's attacks, the Green Lanterns and the Chosen correctly deduce that Myrwhydden's actions are dictated by his ally, Sinestro. The renegade GL had tapped the heroes' power, transmitting it to the wizard, who used it to create menaces on Earth, causing the GLs to unleash still more power, which Sinestro also tapped and sent to Myrwhydden, finally enabling him to escape. Now Myrwhydden returns the favor by freeing Sinestro from his bonds on the moon, but the Green Lanterns immediately appear and easily best the alien magician. Kilowog is again tempted to kill the powerless Sinestro, but Takeo unexpectedly settles the matter by subduing Sinestro with his martial arts. With both villains now safely imprisoned once more, the Green Lanterns and the Chosen return to Earth.


  • This issue is a "Millennium" Week Seven tie-in issue.


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The events from this issue are related to Millennium, a 1988 crossover event spanning through all DC Titles, in which the Guardians of the Universe left and Earth was put in danger by the robotic Manhunter Cult.

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