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"The Sinestro Corps War (Part II) - The Gathering Storm": In Sector 2263, members of the Sinestro Corps are persuing Green Lanterns toward their sector house. Once the Lanterns arrive, more Sinestros exit the sector house and massacre the Green Lanterns.

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Soranik Natu

Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #14 is an issue of the series Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) with a cover date of September, 2007.

Synopsis for "The Sinestro Corps War (Part II) - The Gathering Storm"

In Sector 2263, members of the Sinestro Corps are persuing Green Lanterns toward their sector house. Once the Lanterns arrive, more Sinestros exit the sector house and massacre the Green Lanterns.

On Korugar, an anti-government rally has gathered in support of Soranik Natu. Natu herself is there, but she urges the people to return to their homes, saying that she is a doctor, not a healer. The rally organizers use her comments as an example of her modesty, but Soranik insists that she has no desire to use her ring to gain political power. Just then, Sinestro arrives, feeling an air of familiarity with the Green Lantern banners and cheering crowds. As the Korugarans flee in terror, Soranik declares that Sinestro is under arrest. Amused at the prospect of being taken down by his former ring, Sinestro attacks.

In Sector 3009, Green Man continues his search for Stel. Although he admits that he is acting more like an Earthman than a regular Green Lantern, Green Man continues his search against all reason, as Stel was his friend. To his joy, Green Man discovers Stel is alive, and hugs him, explaining that he was not in control of his actions when he attacked him. Stel has been recieving Salakk's updates in regards to Sinestro Corps' strike on Oa, and he believes that the yellow virus is a member, moving in a preemptive strike to eliminate Lanterns that it could not infect, namely Mogo and Stel. Green Man decides to take Stel to Mogo for repairs before they return to Oa.

On Korugar, Sinestro is easily dominating his fight with Soranik. The police soon arrive, having been sent to break up the rally, only to then turn their weapons on Sinestro. Sinestro laments what has happened to Korugar since his expulsion from the corps: riots and armed police in the streets, and decides to remind the Korugarans what happened when people disobeyed his rule. As Sinestro begins killing random Korugarans, Soranik hurls a jagged piece of shrapnel at Sinestro, only for her ring to deflect the shard away, saying that she's attempting to use lethal force. Sinestro is impressed with her ruthlessness, and notes that there is a greater weakness beyond the Yellow Impurity.

In deep space, Arkillo is working a group of Qwardian slaves, killing one in the process. Enkafos, another senior member of the Sinestro Corps, reminds Arkillo not to kill all the Qwardians. Arkillo points out that direct action is very effective, to which Enkafos believes he's referring to their previous assault. Enkafos is more insidious subtly than Arkillo, but since Sinestro has declared war on the Green Lantern Corps, it's time to move on their next target. Arkillo orders the Sinestro Corps and the Manhunters to prepare for battle.

On Korugar, Sinestro has all but won his battle with Soranik. He's surprised that she hasn't called Princess Iolande yet, and notes that in his day, he kept order in Sector 1417 for years by himself. Sinestro knows what Soranik is truly afraid of: becoming a monster like him. However, he has decided not to kill her. Sinestro knows that he's had his victory, and he believes that Soranik will stay here now that he's shown Soranik her place. It will also do well for the Korugarans, and they will believe that she defeated Sinestro, and will rally to her. Sinestro releases her and leaves. Soranik falls to the ground, but survives. As the Korugarans believe that Sinestro would not have spared her life, they think that she defeated Sinestro. Even the police sent to arrest her begin hailing Soranik Natu as the "saviour of Korugar".

On Oa, Kilowog addresses his current group of rookies and some of the veterans. Because of the Sinestro Corps recent attacks, the current group of rookies are getting their badges now, and are ordered to charge their rings and assemble for deployment. As the group splits up, Arisia asks a new rookie, Sodam Yat, if he's ready. Sodam replies that he has to be. Salakk asks to speak to Arisia in private, and gives her instructions to keep an eye on Sodam Yat. Arisia asks why he's so special, and Salakk replies that if she performs her duties, she'll learn why. Returning to Qward, Sinestro requests an update on the status of the war. He is informed of the Green Lanterns on Qward, and is quite pleased to learn that Hal Jordan is among them.

Now in sight of Mogo, Green Man and Stel are making their approach when Stel notices an eclipse occuring at rapid speed. Green Man and Stel turn around, and discover that the Sinestro Corps is about to attack Mogo—and they brought a friend...Ranx the Sentient City, now enlarged as a planet.

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