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""The Sinestro Corps War (Part IV) - The Battle of Mogo"": In subliminal transit, Kilowog and Brik lead their force to defend Mogo. But the Sinestro Corps is already there.

Quote1.png Your rabble is out of control, Lantern. In my Corps, no one dares defy orders. That is why we will always win. Quote2.png

Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #15 is an issue of the series Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 2007.

Synopsis for "The Sinestro Corps War (Part IV) - The Battle of Mogo"

In subliminal transit, Kilowog and Brik lead their force to defend Mogo. But the Sinestro Corps is already there.

Above Mogo, Arkillo leads the first wave of the Sinestro Corps. Stel and Green Man calculate the numbers and their chances. Stel gives them 16,000 to one odds, better than Green Man thought. As the first wave of Sinestros attack, Bzzd runs them down with a train construct. Soon afterwards, Kilowog's squadron arrives. Sodam Yat asks Arisia what will happen if Mogo is killed, and Arisia explains why Mogo is the soul of the Green Lantern Corps: the Green Lantern Rings seeking out new Green Lanterns are guided by Mogo, and if he is killed, recruiting stops. The Green Lanterns then plunge into the fray. Kilowog wonders what they are facing, and Chthos-Chthas Chthatis speculates that it's Ranx the Sentient City, modified after he encountered Chthos and Guy Gardner months earlier. Kilowog orders Chthos to stick with him and provide intel, and for the rest of the Green Lanterns to regroup planetside.

In Ranx's brain center, Enkafos is coordinating the assault and updating Ranx on the battle status. Ranx doesn't care for about the battle, all he wants is revenge on Guy Gardner. He will help the Sinestro Corps destroy Mogo, but only if he is promised revenge on Guy Gardner after Mogo is destroyed. Enkafos promises, and instructs Ranx to prepare his weapons. Ravillian announces that the Children of the White Lobe are ready to deploy.

Planetside, Chthos figures out what makes Ranx such a valuable asset: his gravity disruptors will be able to dig through Mogo's crust and into his core, where his ring is, allowing the Sinestro Corps to destroy him. Bzzd points out that the ring is made of Oan metal, which can't be destroyed by the gravity disruptors. Chthos speculates that the Sinestros have another weapon for Mogo's core.

On Korugar, Soranik Natu oversees the last of her patients wounded by Sinestro's recent assault. However, she can no longer remain on Korugar, and instructs a police officer to send the rest to the Central Hospital, and to have the Hospital treat them or answer to her when she returns. If she does not return, they she's dead, and all of Korugar will answer to Sinestro.

On Oa, Salakk requests a universe wide status report. He then recieves an update on the Battle of Mogo from Kilowog: Ranx is there, and the Sinestro Corps have new allies in the Children of the White Lobe. Kilowog wants Soranik Natu there for intel, but Salakk is more concerned about Ranx and the White Lobe. Remembering the Blackest Night prophecy, Salakk requests an update from Arisia on Sodam Yat. She says he's alive, but he then manages to shot a scorpion Sinestro off Arisia's shoulder. Kilowog orders Brik to take a squad to deal with Children, but soon has other problems: Arkillo has found him. The two begin a rather brutal fight, but Kilowog is able to blast him away for a moment. Stel suggests that a squadron of Green Lanterns launch a strike force on Ranx himself, where they can neutralize him. Kilowog orders Stel, Chthos, Vath Sarn, Isamot Kol, and Sodam Yat to go. Arisia tries to get herself on the team, but is hit from behind by Arkillo. She is alive, but Kilowog is mad now.

On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe debate the prophecy of the Blackest Night. Qward, Ranx, and the White Lobe are arrainged against Mogo, and Sodam Yat is there as well. Ganthet asks if they are acting out of fear, but the Guardians quickly deny that they are. The Empire of Tears made the prophecy based on their laws at the time. The Guardians decide that if the Green Lanterns are capable of overcoming great fear, they must do so as well. It is time to rewrite the Book of Oa.

On Qward, the Lost Lanterns continue their search for Ion. They soon find Ion, and his familiar jailer—the Anti-Monitor.

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  • Salakk's name is mis-spelled "Salaak" in this issue.

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