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""The Sinestro Corps War (Part VII) - The Battle of Ranx"": On Mogo, Kilowog leads his squad of Green Lanterns against Arkillo's Sinestro Corps members, at the same time trying to account for

Quote1.png Attention, Lanterns. The Book of Oa has been rewritten. Lethal force has been enabled. Quote2.png
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Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #16 is an issue of the series Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) with a cover date of November, 2007.

Synopsis for "The Sinestro Corps War (Part VII) - The Battle of Ranx"

On Mogo, Kilowog leads his squad of Green Lanterns against Arkillo's Sinestro Corps members, at the same time trying to account for all the Children of the White Lobe. As the two forces battle, Ranx the Sentient City demands Guy Gardner be turned over to him. Arisia abandons Kilowog's team to go find Sodam Yat, saying she has orders from Salakk to protect him. Thinking of a way to protect Mogo, Green Man tells the Lanterns of a creature from his world that reabsorbs its own energy to the point that it appears dead, then rechannels that energy after the threat has passed. Mogo agrees with the strategy, and begins concentrating its energy at the core, which causes the Green Lantern Rings to stop spreading. However, Arkillo manages to escape Kilowog.

Inside Ranx, Sodam Yat leads his team to find Ranx's central core. As they head into the core, Mogo tells Yat that he has to leave the battle, saying that there is a prophecy concerning the two of them about the survival of the Green Lantern Corps. Before Yat can make a decision, a Sinestro and some Manhunters find him. Arisia arrives to help but Yat has already managed to fight them off, and confidently says he doesn't need help, so she just can't help herself. Arisia counters that despite his skills, he's no Hal Jordan. However, Thos realizes that Ranx, in his madness, is losing control of his gravity disruptors, which are powered by a black hole via a subspace link. If Ranx explodes while linked to a black hole, everything in two light years could be destroyed.

On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe debate their situation: if Sodam Yat is killed and Mogo is destroyed by Ranx, then the prophecy will come to pass, and the Green Lantern Corps will be destroyed. Aware that the number of Lanterns is dwindling, and that the Sinestro Corps ranks remain static, the Guardians decide to inform the rest of the Corps of the new law to the Book of Oa.

Finally reaching Ranx's central core, the Lanterns attack. However, the Sinestros counter by killing several Lanterns, and more keep falling on Mogo. The battle appears lost, and just as Kilowog tells his troops to make the Sinestro Corps work for their deaths, the Green Lantern Rings all activate and transmit a single message: the Guardians have amended the first rule of the Book of Oa, and lethal force is now authorized. Many of the Lanterns, such as Vath, Brik, and Bzzd take it to heart, and begin killing the Sinestros, though Kilowog only does so with reluctance. Learning that they are now in danger, several Sinestros break ranks and abort, while Kilowog tells Mogo to resume sending the Green Lantern Rings out into the Universe, as Kilowog searches for Arkillo, hoping to settle things. One of the Children of the White Lobe goes for Kilowog, but Salakk manages to capture it in a stasis field, and incinerates it. Salakk tells Kilowog that he is not pleased by the new lethal force directive, but he is a soldier and will follow his orders.

On Ranx, Sodam Yat cleaves Enkafos in half for Cthos, as Isamot tells Arisia to just kill the Sinestros and get it over with. Arisia refuses, saying she is no killer. Stel is having trouble keeping Ranx's link to the black hole offline, however, and Sodam Yat orders everyone to evacuate, as he prepares to disconnect Ranx from his black hole and overload him. Mogo manages to throw up a force field around itself just in time, as Ranx detonates in a massive explosion. With Ranx destroyed, the Sinestro Corps retreat, Arkillo among them. As the Green Lanterns regroup, Arisia fears that Sodam Yat was killed, but Sodam managed to survive the blast. Mogo thanks his fellow Lanterns, as Salakk says that with the new law, the Sinestro Corps will not dare attempt another assault on Mogo, and that they'll soon target Oa.

However, as the squad prepare to depart, they pick up an S.O.S. that Hal Jordan is transmitting to all Green Lanterns: the Sinestro Corps is launching an invasion of Earth.

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