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""Sinestro Corps War (Part IX): Endgame"": At the Citadel on Oa, the Guardians of the Universe realize that the Sinestro Corps is not trying to rule the universe, but the Multiverse. Though they have authorized

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Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #17 is an issue of the series Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 2007.

Synopsis for "Sinestro Corps War (Part IX): Endgame"

At the Citadel on Oa, the Guardians of the Universe realize that the Sinestro Corps is not trying to rule the universe, but the Multiverse. Though they have authorized the Green Lantern Corps to use lethal force, they realize that this itself might not be enough to stop the Sinestro Corps. The Guardians decide that they must reassign the Ion power far sooner than they had anticipated.

Above Earth, Kilowog's team arrives in response to Hal Jordan's request for help. As Salakk uploads coordinates into their rings, Soranik Natu arrvives, hoping for a piece of Sinestro himself. As most of the team heads to Mount Rushmore (despite Sodam Yat's desire to see some action), Kilowog and Salakk head to San Diego. The United States Pacific Fleet stationed there has already suffered serious casualties thanks to the Sinestro Corps, but Salakk and Kilowog manage to even the odds. However, Kilowog soon has troubles of his own--namely, Arkillo, looking to settle things between them right then and there.

At Mount Rushmore, the Green Lanterns engage the Sinestros. Natu is horrified by what is going on, saying that she joined the Corps to save lives. Sodam Yat tells her not to focus on who died, but whose life was saved--namely, Honor Lantern Guy Gardner. Guy explains that he was ambushed while heading to find a painting, and Yat and Natu offer to help him. Guy is annoyed by Sodam's offer of more "muscle", and is not impressed with the rookie Lantern. He is considerably more impressed when Bzzd tells him that Sodam Yat saved Mogo by killing Ranx the Sentient City. Guy also tells Natu that there will be more dead by the battle's end, and flies off.

At San Diego, Arkillo declares that for all his bravery, Kilowog is still a slave to fear--specifically, his fear of what he would become if he used his ring to kill. Kilowog explains that it's not fear, merely his disgust with all the death he's seen in his life, ranging from his fellow Lanterns to his family and whole species. Kilowog then picks up an scuttled Navy carrier and dumps it on Arkillo. As Salakk arrives and announces that the Sinestros are retreating and heading for New York City, Kilowog decides to end Arkillo's rampage right here--specifically, he severs Arkillo's ring and the finger attached to it.

Regrouping in New York, the Green Lanterns are waiting for their orders, when they suddenly find a target--Sinestro and the Anti-Monitor. Though Kilowog and Salakk order them to hold their positions, several of the more impetuous Lanterns go straight after the Anti-Monitor, but are hit with an energy blast. Two of the group are killed, but Natu and Sodam Yat survived. Yat charges the Anti-Monitor, only to be swatted aside and crash into several buildings. As Soranik works to revive him, she discovers that his Daxamite physiology is absorbing yellow solar radiation and developing powers similar to those of Kryptonians. As she scans him, a hologram of Sinestro appears, amazed that she still answered the call to duty. Natu is then backed up by Princess Iolande, and the hologram fades, leaving them to the Anti-Monitor.

As the Anti-Monitor prepares to destroy them, the Guardians of the Universe have arrived, and offer Sodam Yat to become the host of Ion. With Ion bonded to him, Sodam Yat is now the most powerful Green Lantern in the Universe--and right on top of Superboy-Prime's hit list.

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