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"Liberty's Light": On Oa, Salakk is overseeing the creation of 442 new Green Lantern Rings. Once the first twelve are complete, he directs them to Mogo, who will direct guide them in their search for new Green Lanterns. S

Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #19 is an issue of the series Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 2008. It was published on December 12, 2007.

Synopsis for "Liberty's Light"

On Oa, Salakk is overseeing the creation of 442 new Green Lantern Rings. Once the first twelve are complete, he directs them to Mogo, who will direct guide them in their search for new Green Lanterns. Seeing them leave, Salakk notes that far too many died this time.

On a Rannian outpost, Vath Sarn is in a bar with his girlfriend, honoring the fallen Lanterns in his own way: making an image of them with his Ring and taking a drink to salute them. His girlfriend doesn't understand why, but it's something Vath insists on doing. Meanwhile, Isamot Kol returns to Thanagar and lands in the ocean. Rising to the surface, he cries out to the Sinestro Corps that he is still here, and won't be going anywhere soon.

On Betrassus, a bored Princess Iolande recieves a report that their is an assault going on in the capital city. Changing to her uniform, Iolande is stopped by Advisor Jeanel, who reminds her that she has duties as Princess of Betrassus, and that they have their own security force to deal with the disturbance. On Oa, Soranik Natu is woking with an injured rookiee Lantern who lost his arm in the war. She attaches a device that creates an arm made of Oan energy, similar to Boodika's new arm. However, the arm would fade if the user was two parsecs out of Oa. It doesn't matter to the patient, as long as he can still be a Green Lantern, which he can. On Mogo, Kilowog enjoys a meal with energy constructs of his deceased family, and they plan to go fishing the next day.

On Earth, Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner have finished repairs to the Statue of Liberty. With the casualties endured from the war, Guy admits that aging is actually a better privilege than he thought. Guy also asks what it was like having Parallax inside of him. Kyle doesn't really remember anything concrete about the event, just random snippets, like a phantom pain. There is one thing he remembers all too clearly, however: the death of Jack T. Chance. Guy tells Kyle to give himself a break: not only did he help save Coast City, he helped save Earth, and probably the universe as well. Guy also tells Kyle that it's good to have him back.

Flying into Manhattan, Guy reunites with Ice, giving her a kiss ala VE Day. Ice, however, says that she still needs time to adust to returning to life, and that picking up right where she and Guy left off might not be the best idea. Guy agrees, and suggests that they meet for a date in one month.

In Sector 2809, Stel and Green Man pursue a Sinestro who escapes in a ship, crashing to Debstam IV, in Sector 2811. Barely alive, someone discovers the Sinestro and quickly snaps his neck. As his Yellow Power Ring initiates a sector scan for a new member, it quickly settles on the dead Sinestro's murderer...Mongul.

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  • Jeanal is Ioalande's adviser on Betrassus.
  • An abridged and edited version of this issue is reprinted in Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War. The full issue is reprinted in Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest.
    • The version of this issue that appears in Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War is slightly altered from the originally published version. The scene of Guy and Kyle repairing the Statue of Liberty is moved from the beginning of the issue to the end. Additionally, the following scenes are omitted:
      • Guy Gardner reconnecting with Ice
      • Kyle Rayner considering whether to accept a job at the Hayden Planetarium
      • Guy Gardner throwing darts at a map to decide where to go next
      • Mongul accepting the yellow ring

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