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"Emerald Eclipse (Part III)": Freed of his restraints, the Red Lantern known as Vice attacks Voz, warden of the Sciencells. Despite his best efforts, Voz is overpowered and defeated, to the cheer of the inmates. Their cheers to turn to cries of horror

Quote1.png Since we haven't heard from Voz, we have to assume he's been killed, which means God only knows what we're flying into down there. Quote2.png
Kyle Rayner

Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #35 is an issue of the series Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) with a cover date of June, 2009.

Synopsis for "Emerald Eclipse (Part III)"

Freed of his restraints, the Red Lantern known as Vice attacks Voz, warden of the Sciencells. Despite his best efforts, Voz is overpowered and defeated, to the cheer of the inmates. Their cheers to turn to cries of horror when Vice turns his wrath onto them. From the bowels of Oa, the Scarred Guardian releases the Yellow Power Rings the Green Lantern Corps have captured. Freed of imprisonment, the rings immediately fly toward the sciencells. Inside, Vice continues his rampage, and only Lyssa Drak urges him on. The yellow rings then break into the sciencells, returning to their owners. The Sinestro Corps are now more eager for a fight, and Lyssa Drak says that she can feel the Book of Parallax as if it were in her hands...

On the surface of Oa, Kyle, Guy, Kilowog, and Salakk lead the Green Lantern Corps to reimprison the inmates. Unfortunately, they will have to do so without the Guardians, who are dealing with Larfleeze in the Vega System. Salakk also warns that the Red Lantern is even more dangerous than the Sinestro Corps. Entering through a back entrance, the Green Lanterns begin to attack the rioting inmates.

In orbit above Daxam, Sodam Yat and Arisia observe how a giant serpentine Sinestro has taken orbit above the planet, destroying every satelite and ship that trys to enter or escape. They conclude that Mongul already has control of the planet and is digging in. Sodam decides that the best way to get in is to allow a meteor to take them to the planet.

On the surface, a group of Sinestros under Arkillo are tracking Daxamite refugees for Mongul to use as slaves. Arkillo, still bitter over his recent loss, wears his severed tongue as a reminder and has instructed his subordinates not to mention Mongul's name. The refugees have holed up in a cave overlooking the sea, and Senator Diro Yat concludes that there is no hope. Daxamites begin jumping to their deaths en masse. Watching, the Sinestro Corps members are unsure of whether to stop them or help them. Unfortunately, the Sinestro Wink mentions Mongul's name, and Arkillo storms off, once he's crushed Wink's head. However, Sodam and Arisia arrive and quickly dispatch the Sinestro Corps. Sodam confronts his father, who tries to sweep the incident with Tessog under the rug. Sodam grabs his father by the leg and holds him above the dead Daxamites he sent to their deaths. Diro Yat asks what they could have done besides kill themselves or surrender, and Sodam says that they will fight until they can fight no more. Some of the younger Daxamites are quite impressed with Sodam's bravery.

On Korugar, Soranik Natu and Princess Iolande are explaining to the Korugarn legislature why Sinestro has not been delivered for execution. Soranik explains that killing Sinestro will not undo what he did, and she destroys the device that was to execute Sinestro. Later, Soranik and Iolande talk about their meeting, and Iolande comments that the Korugarans will not seem to let go until Sinestro is dead. While talking, the lights go out.

Once Soranik illuminates the room with her ring, she finds Sinestro, who has knocked Iolande unconcious and come to have small chat with his daughter—Soranik Natu.

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  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback Emerald Eclipse.

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