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"Goodbye Darkness": The story begins with the aftermath of the Blackest Night event. We see the Green Lantern Corps on the planet Oa in front of the Central Power Battery of Oa. They use their Green Lantern Rings to power up the Central Power B

Quote1.png After much deliberation with Lantern Morro, the keeper of the Crypt... We can think of no greater way to pay tribute to their strength, dignity, principles of justice... and of course ultimate sacrifice... than with a memorial of life. Quote2.png

Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #47 is an issue of the series Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) with a cover date of June, 2010.

Synopsis for "Goodbye Darkness"

The story begins with the aftermath of the Blackest Night event. We see the Green Lantern Corps on the planet Oa in front of the Central Power Battery of Oa. They use their Green Lantern Rings to power up the Central Power Battery. Green Lanterns Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner talk about the recent events that have happened. Both of them agree that it looked difficult for them to get out of the Blackest Night, but they also agree that they managed to pull it back together and destroy the Black Lantern Corps throughout the universe. They lead the Corps to the Green Lantern planet Mogo, who's in orbit around Oa. He greets the entire Corps around a tree. This tree has leaves that contain the images of Green Lanterns that have died throughout the history of the Corps. Morro, the keeper of the Crypt, tells the other Lanterns that the leaves on the tree will never blow away, and the tree will never come down as it is a testament to the history of the Green Lantern Corps. Lantern Isamot Kol tells Arisia that the Guardians of the Universe should be here paying their respects to the dead Lanterns, instead of being holed up in the Oan Citadel. Arisia tells him that Sodam Yat should be on one of those branches, since he died to save his home planet Daxam by turning Daxam's red sun into a yellow one to give the Daxamites Kryptonian-like powers. Morro finishes by saying that an eternal flame will continue to burn as long as there is one Green Lantern Ring shining somewhere in the vast universe.

After Morro finishes his speech, Salakk comes up and tells everyone that there is one matter that needs to be addressed before they all leave and Mogo returns to Sector 2261. During the attack by the Black Lantern Corps, Salakk issued a moratorium on the redistribution and forging of Green Lantern Rings. Since the Black Lanterns are gone, Salakk lifts the moratorium on the rings and has them sent throughout the universe to seek out new recruits for the Corps, as all Green Lanterns watch as the rings fly off into space.

Meanwhile, back on Oa, we see Kyle and Soranik Natu standing over the ruins of what would have been Kyle's mural about the history of the Green Lantern Corps. Kyle is obviously depressed, since he never got to finish painting the mural. But, Soranik reassures him by telling him that after the horrors that the Corps went through during the Blackest Night, they all need something to boost their morale and something to remind them of the Corps' proud history. Kyle tells her that he will never let her down, as they start to hold each other's hands.

Deep inside Oa, we see Salakk and Kilowog looking at the images of the new recruits. Salakk tells Kilowog that the recruits will be arriving shortly, and transmits the files onto Kilowog's ring, but Kilowog declines. Salakk is curious as to why Kilowog would say no to something like this. Kilowog tells him that in the last two years, he has trained and buried new Lantern recruits more than he has in his 20 years as Drill Instructor. He then reveals to Salakk that he is declining the duty of Drill Instructor, and downgrading himself as a regular Lantern. Salakk accepts, but reluctantly. He puts it down as a request for a leave of absence from the duty. Salakk makes it clear to Kilowog that he doesn't agree with Kilowog's intentions, but respects them anyway. As Salakk begins to look for a new replacement Drill Instructor, but Kilowog tells him that he's already taken care of that. He has named Green Lantern Stel the new D.I.. Stel accepts the position and promises Salakk that he will be happy to whip the recruits into shape until Kilowog wants his job back.

In the hospital on Oa, we see Rannian Lantern Vath Sarn waking up and sees Isamot Kol's legs attached to his body. Since both of them fought each other in the Rann-Thanagar War, Vath is obviously furious that he will be walking with Thanagarian legs from now on. Vath attacks Isamot, telling him that if he returns to Rann, he will be killed by his fellow Rannians, due to their hatred of the Thanagarians from the war. He demands to know from Isamot why he gave him his legs. Isamot attacks him in anger, and tells him that the reason why he gave him his legs is because he is his partner, and that he would do the same thing if he were in his position. Isamot is about to cut Vath's legs off for being ungrateful, before he is stopped by Princess Iolande. She reminds both of them that they risked their own lives for each other, and that they should be ashamed of themselves. Vath and Isamot both see the error of their actions, and Vath helps Isamot up, as the three Lanterns head to the cafeteria.

At the Oan Citadel, Guy, Kyle, and Arisia talk with Salakk about seeing the Guardians of the Universe. Salakk tells them that the Guardians are not to be disturbed. Kyle reveals to Salakk that they have made two appointments with the Guardians, both were cancelled. Salakk tries to tell them that he will schedule them for another appointment, but Guy has had enough, and breaks into the Citadel, with Kyle and Arisia behind him. The Guardians are obviously offended by the intrusion of the three Lanterns, with Salakk behind them, though they tell them that they will be willing to entertain their thoughts, when Arisia punches one of them. Guy and Kyle manage to subdue her, but she blasts them for not helping Sodam Yat out when he needed them the most. She tells them that he was denied access to tap into the Ion power when they were on Daxam. The Guardians reveal that it was the manipulations of the Guardian Scar that denied access to the Ion power. The Guardians tell them that the Scarred Guardian was behind many manipulations throughout the Corps to facilitate Nekron's plans, and that she has paid for them with her death. But, Guy and Kyle say that there are other things that the Guardians have manipulated in the Corps, such as the creation of the Alpha Lantern Corps, the killing of unarmed Sciencell prisoners after they rioted and were caught by the Corps. Kyle also reminds them of the Third Law that they enacted, which made physical relationships between Lanterns forbidden. They tell the Guardians that by forbidding physical relationships, they forced the resignations of dozens of veteran Lanterns who were unwilling to accept the new law not because of love with another Lantern, but because they were devoted to the duty and the cause of the Green Lantern Corps, and that they should repeal the third law in order to prevent more resignations. The Guardians wonder why they should do that. Kyle tells them that if they take away emotions from the Lanterns, then they are left with unthinking and uncaring machines, which Guy reminds them of their failures with the Manhunters and the Alpha Lantern Corps. The Guardians tell them that they will consider it, with Guy telling Arisia that she's his new favorite Lantern for decking one of the Guardians. After the Lanterns leave, the Guardians open the Book of Oa and make their decision concerning the third law.

Elsewhere on Oa, Guy sees his bar Warriors trashed. Guy is filled with grief, since Warriors was one of his best ideas. He thinks that it's garbage, but Kyle tells him that it's not garbage, it's just a place that needs to be cleaned and fixed up. He also tells Guy that rebuilding Warriors should be their first priority in fixing Oa, just as their rings announce that the Guardians have repealed the third law banning physical relationships between Lanterns, as we see Soranik smiling. Both men are glad that the Guardians have removed the law, as they toast Warriors and the Green Lantern Corps.

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