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The Green Lantern Corps of Earth were a number of members of the Green Lantern Corps who banded together in Sector 2814 shortly after the massive Corps reformation during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.


Setting Up Shop

The Guardians of the Universe and their female counterparts the Zamarons decided to leave the universe, and in the meantime allow the Lanterns to organize themselves. As the "one Lantern per sector" rule caused some of their officers to be nothing more than caretakers rather than active peacekeepers, more Lanterns were centralized in hot spots where they would be more needed. The Guardians believed that Humans would be the next evolutionary masterpiece of the cosmos, eventually growing to be more like those on Oa.[1] Seven Lanterns stationed themselves on Earth to protect it, including Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kilowog, Katma Tui, Arisia, Salakk, and Ch'p.[2] Later, Guy Gardner would also join as an on-and-off-again member, before finally joining the Justice League.[3]

The Green Lantern Corps faced many threats together, like Doctor Ub'x and his team of supervillains[4], Baron Tyrano[5], Black Hand[6], a clash against the renegade Sinestro[7], the wizard Myrwhydden[8], and even an international incident with the Soviet Union.[9] The relationship between the Green Lanterns flourished during this time, strengthening the friendships between some and the romantic bond between others, like John and Katma Tui Stewart, who finally married[10], and the controversial romance between Hal Jordan and Arisia.[11]


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It didn't take long until the primary task of the Green Lanterns of Earth was completed: the protection and ascension of the next breed of immortals, the New Guardians. A Guardian and a Zamaron appeared on Earth to start the "Millennium Project," selecting ten humans who would evolve to a higher status of immortality. The Green Lanterns, and many other heroes of Earth, protected the "Chosen" from the threat of the Manhunters, long-time enemies of the Guardians of the Universe, while the Oans' completed the training and teaching of the New Guardians.


In time, the Green Lantern Corps of Earth was disbanded, mainly because of the destruction of the Central Power Battery of Oa. The alien Green Lanterns returned to their home planets, with the exception of Katma and Arisia, who stayed with their lovers, and Kilowog, who stayed with Guy Gardner in the Justice League. Hal and Guy were the only Lanterns on Earth, and among the few in the universe who preserved their rings after the Battery's destruction.[12]



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