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"The Last Will and Testament of Hal Jordan": The issue begins with someone saying the Green Lantern oath with an image of a dead Green Lantern Power Battery. In the backdrop of the oath, we see flashes of Hal Jordan's life from the time he got the [[Green Lantern R

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Hal Jordan

Green Lantern Legacy: The Last Will and Testament of Hal Jordan is a one-shot with a cover date of January, 2002. It was published on November 28, 2001.

Synopsis for "The Last Will and Testament of Hal Jordan"

The issue begins with someone saying the Green Lantern oath with an image of a dead Green Lantern Power Battery. In the backdrop of the oath, we see flashes of Hal Jordan's life from the time he got the Green Lantern Ring from a dying alien named Abin Sur, to one of his fights against his archenemy Sinestro, and ending with the destruction of Coast City, and Hal's transformation into Parallax. We then jump to a funeral, Hal's funeral, where Green Lantern's best friend and sidekick Tom Kalmaku goes up to the stage and gives a very moving speech about Hal, telling everyone that such nice funerals should not be given to murderous cowards like Hal after what he did after Coast City's destruction.

The scene then jumps to a bar, where a bunch of guys are talking about the death of their Green Lantern. Tom then comes up on top of a table, clearly drunk, calling Green Lantern and the Corps out, calling them by honoring a murderer. He is then knocked out in one punch by someone who stood up for Green Lantern. He is then thrown into a cab, where the driver recognizes him as a celebrity because of his past friendship with Green Lantern. Tom clearly doesn't want to talk about it and tells the driver to just take him home, but the driver is not who he seems to be: it's Hal, as the Spectre.

Tom then remembers a time when Green Lantern got caught in a web made by a yellow spider. Because the spider is yellow, his ring cannot affect it, or help him out, and since he's caught in the web, his ring has lost its charge. Tom then throws a rock at the spider to get his attention. Telling Tom to get away, Hal finds out why he came. Because Carol was celebrating her birthday alone, he knew something was wrong with Hal. And he brought a present, his Power Battery. But, the spider has caught Tom and attacks him. However, the distraction was long enough for Hal to recharge his ring and bury the spider under a pile of rocks, defeating the creature. As they take the spider away, Hal thanks Tom for saving his life and for once, calls Tom HIS hero. Unfortunately, it was just a dream.

Tom wakes up hungover to the sound of his wife, who recently left Tom with the kids. She tells him that the kids were thinking about him recently and she was worried about him. Before she can tell him that she loves him, Tom rips the phone line out and throws it away and falls onto the couch. The next day at work, Tom is fired from his job because he's too hungover to perform his job properly. Back at his house, Tom tries to get drunk again among a pile of papers and starts to burn one of the pages when he hears a knock on his door. It's a strange man he's never met before. The man comes inside and tells him that he is the executor of Hal's last will and testament, and that Tom is one of his inheritors. Tom immediately slams the door in the man's face, but it doesn't stop him, he comes inside anyway. He tells Tom that Hal left something for him in his will, but Tom doesn't want it, but like it or not, the executor gives it to him: it's Hal's son, Marty Jordan, and a piece of paper.

After the executor leaves, the two are sitting at a table. While Marty is eating cereal, Tom is fixated on the paper that was given to him. It was written by Hal and it only says, "Tom-fix it." Tom and Marty then go to Carol's house. Tom tells her everything about the kid thinking that she knows him, but the kid is seven years old, and seven years ago, she and Hal were just getting back together. Marty then comes in and asks Carol if she's mad at him, she tells him she's not and he introduces himself to her, telling her that his father used to say nice things about her a lot. As that's happening, Tom is sitting outside on the front porch drinking. Marty comes out and tells him that someone is coming. Suddenly, a bright green flash shines above both of them and creates a big explosion. Carol comes out to see what's going on and the three of them see the source of the explosion: a dark giant creature with a scythe. And the symbol of the Green Lantern Corps. A Dark Lantern.

As the three watch in horror, Tom and Carol try to back away from the creature, but they notice Marty standing right in front of it. The creature attacks Marty, but Tom pulls him into the house just in time, but it is not enough as the Dark Lantern rips the house open looking for them. As they are cowering, Marty gives Tom something that he's had in his possession: a Green Lantern Ring. As that happens, the scene then jumps back to when Hal faced off against Mongul after Coast City was destroyed by him, while under the orders of Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman during the Reign of the Supermen storyline. Because Mongul's skin was yellow, Hal's ring couldn't affect him, which allowed Mongul to thrash him around, causing Hal's arm to break. Hal then creates a construct of armor around himself and begins to pummel Mongul.

The scene then jumps back to Carol's house as Tom is questioning Marty what just happened with Carol looking on. Marty shows him the Green Lantern ring that he had in his ring. Tom then takes him to the Justice League where the members debate on what to do with the ring in the boy's hand, while Plastic Man plays with Marty, only to be pushed away by the boy. Eventually, they all decide that the boy must give them the ring, which causes Tom to storm off. The scene then jumps back again to a time after Hal became Parallax. Surrounded by images of the Green Lantern Corps, Tom tries to convince Hal that whatever the problem is, he can help, but Hal tells him that it's not his business, it's Corps business. Just as Hal leaves, Tom asks himself if he could ever have been a Green Lantern. It then jumps back to the present where we see Tom talking with the current Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner. Kyle tells him that he remembers him from Hal's funeral. He tries to convince Tom that he shouldn't blame the kid for Hal's actions, but Tom blames Hal for not using his ring to find his best friend after Coast City was destroyed. Marty then comes up behind Tom and tells him that he wants to go home alone, saying that the League is looking at him in a weird way, and then asks Tom what his father wrote in that letter, but Tom tries to avoid telling the boy what was on that note of paper. Eventually, Tom tells him that Hal only told him to fix it, but neither of them know what needs to be fixed. Just as the League are heading towards them, Tom and Marty use the ring to teleport away from the League headquarters. Just afterwards, the Dark Lantern attacks the League, calling out Jordan's name, but not finding it with the League, the Lantern heads out into space and only says, "It has a ring", and that he needs more.

We then see Tom and Marty at Tom's place. It looks like they are packing for a trip of some sorts. In the process, Tom tells Marty about a book about Hal that he was writing, it's not finished, but Marty wants Tom to read it to him. Tom tells him that he will tell him some other time, as they plan to go to a place where heroes meet, but Marty doesn't want to meet more heroes. Tom reassures him, saying that these heroes don't want to see him too, but they will help them figure out what needs to be fixed. The scene then jumps to Warriors where we see former Green Lanterns Guy Gardner, John Stewart, who's still in a wheel chair, and Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, whose powers come from the Starheart instead of the Green Lantern Central Power Battery. They all talk about the recent events, including the revelation that Hal had a son named Marty. Guy clearly feels that this is a matter for the League to handle, but John and Alan are more receptive. Alan thinks that the message Hal gave him was about Marty, to fix him up so that he will grow up to be a good man. Just as they finish the conversation, the Dark Lantern attacks Warriors. Guy activates his Vuldarian powers and attacks the Dark Lantern, but the Lantern is too powerful for even Guy, who recognizes him, and he's knocked away as the Dark Lantern turns its attention towards Tom and Marty. Alan gets them off to safety. Marty keeps on asking Tom what to do, but Tom doesn't know, but just as Marty touches Tom, he falls unconscious as he remembers the time when Hal told him about the power of the Green Lantern Ring and how it's powered by the willpower of every sentient being in the universe. Suddenly, Tom wakes up to the sound of Marty wondering why they ran away. Tom tells him that he blacked out, but Marty tells him that he ran away and left the other Green Lanterns to fend for themselves, and starts telling Tom how his father wouldn't abandon his friends, and how he would be ashamed of his best friend for what he has become. Tom lashes back at the kid, telling him that he doesn't know anything about his father and who he truly was, and tells him what his father did after Coast City was destroyed. He went on a rampage towards Oa, fighting against his fellow Corpsmen and taking their rings for himself. When he landed on Oa, he was confronted by the Guardians of the Universe who released Sinestro to try and stop him, but Hal killed Sinestro by snapping his neck, then killing his old mentor Kilowog, and then destroying the Guardians and the Central Power Battery, and becoming Parallax.

Just then, he realizes where he is when he sees his kids right in front of him. He tells Marty to teleport them anywhere else as his kids call out to him. The scene then flashes back to a time when Green Lantern and his best friend Green Arrow are trying to stop a fire from destroying downtown Coast City, while some thugs are trying to destroy the city. Ollie wants Hal to go after the criminals, but Hal wants to save the innocent people first and then go after the criminals and stop the fire. However, the argument heats up and Ollie fires an arrow at Hal, but Hal catches it with his bare hands, but the arrow releases a gas that knocks him out temporarily. Suddenly, Tom appears, telling them both that the fires are spreading. Hal then makes up his mind and uses his ring to take out the fires.

The scene jumps back to the present as Tom and Marty are trying to keep on moving to stay one step ahead of the Dark Lantern. Knowing that the thing is alien, Tom suggests that they leave Earth and head to space to figure out the problem and fix it, which Marty agrees to. As they are flying through space, the Dark Lantern is following them. They then find the Lost Lanterns on a planet in front of a plaque dedicated to one of their fallen, Tomar-Tu who was one of the first to fall under Hal's rampage towards Oa. These Lanterns include Boodikka, whose right hand was cut off by Hal, and others who lost their powers after the Battery was destroyed. Boodikka is still not over the horrors of what happened, and blames Marty for the actions of his father. The other Lanterns, however, see this as an opportunity for the boy to atone for his father's sins, but Boodikka is feeling betrayed by the others. They put it to a vote, and all of them except Boodikka pledge to help Tom and Marty in their quest. We then realize that the planet they are on is Xudar, home to Tomar-Re and his son Tomar-Tu, the Green Lanterns of Sector 2813. Since Tomar's death, the sector has been without a Green Lantern, which allowed for a horde of energy-devouring Hellocusts to ravage Xudar and set the people back 2,000 years. He then tells Marty that if he is to atone for his father's actions, he should start with the Xudarians. Holding the Green Lantern Ring together, the two combine their willpowers and they manage to create a construct of a machine. However, the Dark Lantern has arrived on Xudar and begins attacking Tom and Marty. He then picks up Marty with his scythe and slashes the boy and in the process, the Green Lantern ring is dropped. Tom tries to go to Marty, but the Xudarians hold him back, with one of the Green Lanterns that accompanied him to Xudar telling him that this must be done and that they must have vengeance.

The identity of the Dark Lantern is then revealed to everyone. It is none other than the instructor of the Green Lantern Corps, Kilowog of Bolovax Vik. Finally, all those who hated Hal are free of his blood. His legacy ends here. Tom then grabs hold of Marty's body and starts yelling at Hal, telling him that he couldn't do it, that he couldn't save his own son. But, Marty gets up and tells Tom that he remembers everything, the pain that he had caused him and everyone. Tom then realizes that Marty Jordan is not Hal's son, it's Hal himself. Hal then starts to dissipate in green energy. Hal asks Tom what to do, that in all the things that he can do, he will use his power to do it. Suddenly, the Justice League arrives and tells Tom that he is neither Hal, nor Marty, it is the power of the ring given shape. Kyle tells him that after the Dark Lantern attacked them, he did a little poking around, and found that the energy signatures that the Lantern was leaving was coming from the sun, where Hal sacrificed his life to reignite it. Apparently, the energy that Hal had was not completely used to reignite the sun, there was still some remaining energy. Batman tells him that the energy gained sentience, but lacked direction. So, it fed off of image's from Hal's dying mind and that it has been on Tom's mind since he started the journey. Superman then tells Tom to order Hal to give the ring back to him so that they can be protected from the Dark Lantern. As Tom considers his options, he remembers a time when he asked Hal what he would do if he ever had to go up against the JLA. Hal then tells him that the first thing he would do is to be on the defense against Martian Manhunters telepathy and Flash's speed. Then, he would go after Batman and send him far away as possible. Then, he would go up against the big guns. First, he would trap Flash in a loop to allow him to build up speed and unleash that power against the League. He would then go after Kyle. Since his willpower is greater than Kyle's, he would absorb his ring's power and defeat him. Lastly, he would turn his attention towards Superman. Despite Superman's god-like powers, there's one thing that can stop him, and that's Kryptonite, which ironically is green. He would use that fear of Kryptonite on Superman, and let the ring do the rest by conjuring up Superman's nightmares, which would stop him. Believe it or not, Hal is actually doing those very things to the League right now.

Something is going wrong and we then see Hal materialize in front of Tom and Marty, this time in his Parallax uniform. He then talks with Tom, reminding him of his own mistakes as a poor sidekick when he was Green Lantern, how is family is in shambles because he's not a good father, and even shows him the moment when he went off into space heading towards Oa to destroy the Corps. Suddenly, Parallax is then stabbed from behind by the Dark Lantern. The two then fight it out as Tom is then forced to see the thoughts that Hal was feeling as he left the crater that was once Coast City and headed off to Oa to face the Guardians. He then remembers a time when he and his family were glued to the television trying to get news about what happened to Coast City. Tom was being shown that Hal was thinking about where he was after the explosion, but that if he tried to get Hal's attention, then everything would fall apart. He's told by Marty that since the Guardians chose Guy and he chose John, Hal was going to chose Tom to be the next Green Lantern.

As that's happening, Parallax and Dark Lantern continue to battle each other, but Marty uses his powers to convince Parallax that the power does not belong to him. Tom then picks up Hal's old Power Battery and reminds him of Alan's Green Lantern oath: And I shall shed my light over dark evil, for the dark things cannot stand the light. The light of … THE GREEN LANTERN! Parallax tries to destroy Tom, but his powers are drained, as Kilowog realizes that he's alive. Tom then tells Marty that he's stopped hating him and himself and that he took the power away that Marty had on him. Parallax tries to take the power from him, but Tom tells him that despite his quest to gain all the power of the Green Lantern Corps a part of him didn't want to destroy the Corps during his rampage, and that part of him sent Marty to him. Parallax tries to deny it, saying that he wanted to fix things. Tom then tells him that Marty is the representation of all the good that was in Hal and that despite his horrible actions, he is still his friend. Hal leaves and changes into Parallax and tells Tom that he'll fail, that he can't change what happened, but Tom isn't trying anymore and disappears, leaving Parallax alone.

As Tom, Marty, and Kilowog are flying through space, they come to the center of the universe, the remains of what was once Oa, the homeworld of the Green Lantern Corps. Kilowog tells them that he must kill them, but Tom convinces him to allow him to do one thing and that if he fails, he can kill them both. Marty then gives Tom the Green Lantern Ring. Tom puts it on and begins to recite the oath of the Green Lantern. As that's happening, the debris around them starts collecting and begins to join with the ring, which grows and grows, until it becomes a planet, the planet Oa once again in all its glory. Kilowog then asks them that if Oa is rebuilt, then the Corps is rebuilt as well. Tom tells him that if they build it, they will come. He then gives the power ring to Kilowog who absorbs it into his body and feeling happy for the first time in many years, disappears into the Green Lantern Central Power Battery.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Tom and Marty are talking to each other about the journey. Tom asks Marty if what he did was right, to which Marty tells him to look into his heart. Tom feels that what he has done is right and that he must continue writing his book. He then hugs Marty and they disappear. Tom then finds himself outside his wife's house, and asks Hal if he wants him to reconstruct another planet. But, Hal tells him that he's going to do a great job. They hug once again, and Tom then sees Hal transform into the Spectre and disappears, but not before thanking Tom for being a good friend, and they both say goodbye to each other. Then, Tom heads towards the house hearing the sound of his kids arguing with each other, with one of them saying that their father will fix it.

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