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The Green Lanterns from Earth had a number of enemies, both on Earth and in outer space. While Alan Scott faced mostly petty thieves, his successors faced intergalactic threats like Sinestro, Star Sapphire and Atrocitus, as well as the Lantern Corps those villains lead.

Membership History

Enemy Lantern Corps

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Notable Villains

  • Krona: A villainous former Guardian of the Universe. He has massacred countless lives and created the Anti-Monitor.
  • Manhunters: before of Green Lantern Corps creation the Guardians of the Universe created the Manhunters to bring peace in the universe. However, the Manhunters became obsessed with the act of 'hunting' criminals. Their code, "No Man Escapes The Manhunters", became more important to them than seeing justice done.
  • Mongul I: Along side with Cyborg Superman destroyed Coast City and is an intergalactic tyrant.
  • Weaponers of Qward: Along with Sinestro, the Qwardians are also responsible of the creation of the Sinestro Corps, because they forged the first Yellow Power Ring for the renegade Lantern. They clashed constantly with the Green Lantern Corps, waging war against the Guardians of the Universe.
    • Anti-Green Lantern Corps: A Qwardian rip-off of the Green Lanterns. This army was equipped with Antimatter Power Rings, whose beams were capable of destroying anything (and anyone) made of Positive Matter.[1]
    • General Fabrikant: A mastermind who orchestrated a massive invasion on Oa, and, disguised as a child, attacked Hal Jordan on Earth.[2]
  • Guardians of the Universe: Although they are the creators of the Green Lantern Corps and they are highly respected by them, the Guardians also gained a reputation of being very secretive and distrustful about their Corps. Due to how ineffective their methods seemed, they become disillusioned and create the villainous Third Army and the Alpha Lantern Corps.
  • Volthoom: The original enemy of the Green Lantern Corps and pretty much the reason for the Corps existence. He possesses a phantom ring, which allows him control over the whole emotional spectrum, but also makes him unstable.

Recurring Earth Villains

  • Goldface
  • Hector Hammond: A genius who evolved himself into a man of the future with a meteor. His futuristic brain grants him many powers that make him a very dangerous foe to Green Lantern.
  • The Shark
  • Sonar

Golden Age enemies of Alan Scott

Evil Versions

  • The Dawnbreaker: An alternate Bruce Wayne from the Dark Multiverse and a rogue Green Lantern. He massacred his world's Green Lanterns, subjugated Coast City and attempted to kill Hal Jordan.
  • Power Ring: The evil version of Hal Jordan from Earth-Three, member of the Crime Syndicate.

Minor Villains

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