"With These Rings...":
Marriage of Green Lantern and Kari Limbo

GL and Kari's Wedding

Quote1 You know the answer... you know that I cannot marry you while Guy lives. I am sorry. Truly I am. For I do love you -- but he was my first beloved... and for me to become your bride would not be fair -- to anyone! Quote2
Kari Limbo

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Synopsis for "With These Rings..."

Marriage of Green Lantern and Kari Limbo

GL and Kari's Wedding

Hal Jordan is prepared to marry Kari Limbo at a small suburban church. In attendance are Superman, Flash, Green Arrow and Black Canary. Before the ceremony can commence, Kari suffers from another of her prophetic visions and draws an image on the ground. Superman recognizes the image as that of a Phantom Zone Projector and flies off towards the Fortress of Solitude to investigate further. When he arrives, he activates the Phantom Zone's view finder only to see a shadowy image staring back at him. The image draws Superman inside the portal, pulling him into the Phantom Zone. Back at the chapel, Kari has another vision, and warns the others that Superman is in trouble. Green Lantern takes off to check up on him. He bypasses the Fortress' security systems and finds the Phantom Zone Projector. He charges his ring, then dives forward into the portal. Inside the Phantom Zone, Hal is shocked to discover that his old backup Guy Gardner is alive and well. Further, Guy has aligned himself with General Zod and several other Phantom Zone criminals. They have attacked Superman and managed to subdue him. Hal and Guy begin fighting one another, but Guy's power ring is intensified with the help of General Zod. Superman awakens long enough to take down Zod's confederates, giving Hal the chance to take down Gardner. Hal and Superman escape from the Phantom Zone leaving Zod and Gardner behind. Now aware that Kari's first true love Guy Gardner is still alive, Hal grows worried. He tells Kari what has happened, but Kari can no longer marry him. Her heart belongs to Guy Gardner.


Guy Gardner power battery explosion

Guy Gardner disappears

  • Last issue to co-star Green Arrow. Series resumes as a Green Lantern solo title beginning with issue #123. Green Arrow appears next in World's Finest #258.
  • This issue establishes Thomas Kalmaku no longer wishing to be called by his nickname "Pieface".


  • This issue includes "Daily Planet Extra", Volume 79, Issue #34 (August 20th, 1979).

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